Sidia Is An Inspirational Development Practitioner

Sulayman Bah defending Hon. Jatta

Papa Kumba Loum Is Only Scratching His Itching Wound 

By Sulayman Bah

First and Foremost, it is evident that Mr. Loum is a Loose PDOIS opponent, as a result, his article`s primary intention is to have a biting point on Sidia’s remarks, and this culminated in him to make an attempt of blowing Sidia’s statement out of proportion.

Secondly, I would like to refer Mr. Loum to Peter Druckers book entitled the “Knowledge Society” for him to learn the basics of development, so that he can understand what Honourable Jatta is advocating for, and contextualize his statement that. One of the Gambia’s main problems is its adoption of English as its official Language, to our present socio, political and economic realities. Peter Drucker is one of the world’s best management Philosophers/Economics who contributed to the European Marshall Plan.

Mr. Loum, I may not have the space here to lecture you on the importance of first language, Literacy and Development. More so, what you need to understand and accept is that, Sidia is working hard to Empower disadvantage Men and Women in rural Gambia, for them to co-exist with so-called western educationists like you.

Thirdly, if Europeans were able to command their own developmental processes and models with their primary languages, why are you undermining the African Intelligence to do the same? Mr. Loum you acknowledged that, the PDOIS has been active in rural Gambia for the past three decades to educate Gambians on Socio-cultural, Political and Economic issues and Civic realities underpinning them, So are you really Qualified to know Gambia`s problem more than the PDOIS leadership? You made mentioned of issues that are indisputable realities that are amongst Gambia`s problem, However, these issues are addressed in the PDOIS Agenda 2016 provisional manifesto. To my understanding Sidia made this statement in conjunctions to the problems caused by illiteracy in the Gambia, the majority of Gambian voters who are actively taking part in elections/voting’s does not understand their basic human rights, and how the state is manage. The National Council for Civic Education can attest to the fact that, when they are on sensitisation tours, they are sometime chased out of some villages with the presumption that, they belong to the opposition; I am a witness to this. How will you expect an illiterate to understand bad governance? How would you expect an illiterate to understand the importance of an opposition and alternative approaches of governance in a country?

Mr. Loum, you need to scholarly rationalize statements, and you don’t need to provoke important initiatives to score political biting points. One would expect after one of your controversial articles, in which you remarked that Gambian Men don have balls, you will never surface into Gambian affairs without a public apology and to your own parents for insulting the entire nation.

And finally, just to proof you wrong again, you once attacked PDOIS for not attending the Raleigh Conference and you stated that, PDOIS risk been politically redundant. Mr Loum I am proud to inform you that, recently PDOIS is the most active party on the ground. And now you need to inform readers the laughable outcome of the Raleigh Conference? Summarily, your criticism is politically motivated and holds no substance.



  1. Thank you Mr Sulayman Bah for your input and shedding of light on the behaviour of the likes of Papa Kumba Loum who are out to score keep political and academic Points on whatever these great sons of Gambia and Africa utter.

    The Gambia has a long way to go as long as liars, bandits, devisive, educated fools, and dishonest leaders are allowed to freely misguide and exploit the ignorancy of our people.

    Long live the Gambia and long live all the true and honest daughters and sons of Gambia and Africa.Long live the PDOIS and Long live the Gambia.

    Lets keep educating our people!!!!!!!! We can never develop without Educating our people.

  2. Good observation, Mr Bah….I do think Mr Loum knows the basics of development…What he’s done is what all anti PDOIS commentators have always done…

    To misrepresent PDOIS or take their statements (and other related issues) out of context, so as to either ridicule them or portray them in a negative way, but not succeeding in either….at least, for those who can read between the lines..

    Mr Loum very well knows that whilst development concepts, aims, strategies and processes may be conceived in the minds of a few, their realisation is inconceivable without the participation of the masses…But for the masses to effectively and efficiently participate to their fullest capabilities/capacities, these concepts, aims, strategies and processes must be translated/transmitted (for/to them) in a way and form that they can understand,particularly, through the education system, and one of the best ways to do this is through language…(No need to point out the disadvantages/problems.that our children face right from.the word “go” due to this language barrier..)

    It follows therefore that if translation of these development aspirations is done in a language that the vast majority of people can’t speak, let alone understand, a significant number would.have been alienated and impeded from.effective participation, thus negatively impacting the achievements of our aspirations…Because development is not brought or assured by the leadership, as the APRC (and PPP before it) claims, but driven by the people, hence the use of a foreign language that is not spoken by the people,would constitute a major problem…

    I think this is the most logical and sensible explanation if Mr Jatta’s statement is viewed within the context of PDOIS’s message and position as a whole…

    Once again, thank you for the observation…

  3. Thank you Mr.Bah,for putting the records strait.People like Mr.Loum and his comrade anti PDOIS take most things said by Sedia out of context.Thanks Bro!

  4. Abdoulie darboe

    Sulayman bah why telling lies!

  5. Thank you Mr. Loum for stating the truth about PDOIS and their outdated ideas that most intelligent Gambians rejected. Mr. Bah is missing the points and defending Seedia’s suggestion that the reason why Gambia didn’t develop because the country is using a foreign language as their national language. It is very sad and irrational that Gambia’s lack of development as a lot to do with national language. I believed that it had more to do with bad governance, lack of national resources and not utilitizing our educated people effectively.

  6. Please Mr Bah, i beg you not to respond to people like Abdoulie Darboe.He is a provocator and infact if he is the one whom i heard speaking on Hello Gambia this monday morning at Saddams programme,then i can tell you to even differ from responding.He is a very diffuse and confuss person who seems very angry with all and everything.He seems very much desperate in life with emotional disorder and needs som urgent help.The Gambia and the Gambian people own the Gambia.No one can impose or force your will on the Gambian people.When the people are sick and tired of the Jammeh Government,they would do something about it.Who are you to think that you can make decission for Gambians as to the Organisations they should belong to, t.ex. UDP or not,CORDEG or not,NRMG or not etc.

    If you are a politician or a would be politician,you must learn to persuade the people with your ideas,and not to use force or intimidation.

    PDOIS supporters are often well discipline and humble individuals with respect for their opponents.They don¨t force people to buy their ideas,no do they disrespect the Gambian peoples decission or that of their opponents.Gambians including yourself has a lot to lear from the PDOIS the Gambia´s future.

  7. Thanks Mr Bah. Learning in ones’ native language first is the best foundation for any future learning and for natural progression in general.

    good day

  8. Long live PDOIS & its dynamic leaders!

    A luta continua!