Don't Help Jammeh To Destroy Your Daughters

President JammehBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

Parents most often sacrifice their personal dreams to build those of their children. The most fulfilling satisfaction of any parent is watching his or her children growing and living their dreams. However, as we castigate President Jammeh for abusing our sisters in their Gambia, there are parents who not only encourage their daughters but help in their exploitation. It is neither an exaggeration nor disrespect to our elders but some of them allow President Jammeh to prostitute their daughters. That is the truth without any massage. For instance, when a jobless daughter comes home with huge bundle of new dalasi notes, very rarely is she confronted on how she obtains the money. True or false?

Elders with self-esteem when tested to choose between poverty and shame often settle for poverty than riches ridden by endless disgrace. Greed, selfishness and lack of faith are usually the compelling factors for some elders to trade their dignity, pride and respect to the devil. As a result, they are not perturbed by the source of the money but interested in its continues flow. What a shame fellow Gambians. Some, on the other hand, knew exactly how their daughters are accessing their monies but again choose to turn a blind eye due to either cowardice or shy away from their failure as parents. On a contrast, a hardworking young man who toils 24/7 but fails to match up her sister’s easy money gets shun at and call all kinds of derogative adjectives by the same parents. All of a sudden he becomes the unworthy child, the aimless child, the thief and loser in the family just because he can only provide D200 while his sister brings in bundles. No wonder all the young men are now sacrificing their lives by daring rough seas in search of greener pasture in Europe and America.

How responsible parents can permits his or her daughter to go to Kanilai every weekend knowing fully well that she will not be there for any serious or meaningful business but just to dance with the President and his bandits. At the end of that jam session, some girls will voluntarily jump in to bed with Mr. President and his bandits while others are raped. It is common knowledge that President Jammeh is an idiot, but after naming and shaming him with the parents, we should not forget the victims themselves. Lamentably, most of them opt to prostitute themselves. They go to Kanilai on their own volition chasing shadows, a pin of pleasure and most importantly easy and quick money. Well, less you forget sisters, be reminded that President Jammeh’s promises are like a body without soul. All the money President Jammeh throws at you is but a mare bate and sadly you are daily falling fast and head deep in his traps. When are you going to wake up from your sleeping slumber? Having you heard the ominous experiences of some of your sisters and friends.

Women are highly honoured by Allah. You are mothers, best of teachers and custodians of society. Consequently, it is prudent that you down water down your value and dignity for few bundle of notes. It is said every successful man is helped by a woman. A man can only abuse, exploit and dump a weak women with low self-esteem.


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