Pa Bojang Escapes Jammeh's Wrath

pa bojang
Pa Bojang/Standard Newspaper Photo

The head of Kanilai International Group has completely escaped President Yahya Jammeh’s wrath. Pa Ousman Bojang who jumped bail in April this year finally landed in the United States on Sunday.

Prior to his US travel, Mr. Bojang had been living in Senegal where Gambian intelligence agents were tracking his movements. Pa Bojang is a cousin of President Jammeh whose mother is reportedly unhappy with his escape. “President’s mother Aja Asombi Bojang wanted Pa to come home and mend fences with Jammeh,” said a competent source. “This became futile exercise because Jammeh ordered security at the border to shoot and kill Pa Bojang if they set eyes on him. This was the reason why Pa had to leave Senegal fast.”

Pa Bojang landed in Washington, D.C. but his final destination is yet to be disclosed.

The escape of Pa Bojang was not taken lightly by the Office of the President that issued a statement offering half a million dalasis to anyone who provided information to security officials leading to his arrest. “Pa Bojang is wanted for stealing and other crimes for which the public is hereby warned not to give him any assistance; a warning is hereby issued that nobody is to hide him or facilitate his escape because drastic action would be taken against anyone helping him in this regard,” an extract of the government’s press release stated.

Pa Bojang had been under investigation by both the National Intelligence Agency and police prior to being granted and jumping bail. He came to prominence after the conviction of Aziz Tamba, replacing him as a liaison officer between the President and his mother.



  1. Musa:
    This is an interesting story. I had a conversation with a friend who related to me the turn of events on this case. Apparently Pa Bojang and one SAJA were involved in this case and after their apprehension, this woman named Aja Asombi Bojang (The alledged mother to Yahya Jammeh) intervened and convinced the son (Yahya) to accord the duo bail. The same Asombi worked with the NIA and instruct these two to leave the country knowing the beast of a son she purportedly brought to this world. They both fled with Saja GOING to the US and Bojang in Senegal. It was true that the devil Yahya wants them dead especially Pa Bojang. There is no need to feel bad for some of these people who aided the monster and embezzled the nation’s resources. I am expecting that Pa Bojang is heading for the same destination as this said SAJA.

  2. This arrogant idiot should have rot in jail where they send many Gambians and nonGambians for greed and power. The same awaits his despotic relatives who continue to loot our resources and mayhem our brothers and sisters.

  3. Not everyone who works for Janmeh is bad. Saja Camara is a decent and humble man who even became stranded when he fled into exile. Jammeh hates decent people.

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Pa bojang is needed in the struggle because he knows a lot.

    One of the factors that led to Abdou Diouf’s downfall is the fact that those who know him best desserts him and joined the opposition; the likes of Gibou Kah and Mustapha Niasse.

    Abdoulaye Wade also went the same path when the likes of Macky Sall, idrissa seck, sheikh Tidiane Gadio, Abdou Latif Coulibally etc left him. So let jammeh travel on the same path and meet hell along the way.

  5. Scarlet Pimpernel

    I was listening to Pa Bojang ‘s interview on Fatu Radio and everything he said was not a surprise. The Gambia unfortunately don’t have a president but a thief who has no compassion for his fellow citizens. The only person yaya jammeh respects is his ex call girl so called wife who puts her leg in his behind and don’t even respect his own mum.

  6. Welcome to the free world, Pa Bojang I don’t know if you remember me.I was posted in Kanilai in the year 1999 we used to chat a lot.Anyway, can you explain to the viewers how OJA acquire all that land you guys claim to be yours and farming on it as we speak.I suppose you are awear some of that land belongs to SanghaJorr,cause my grand parents use to farm there.Thank goodness for doing the decent thing