Did US Expel Violent Gambian Diplomat?

Pierre Minteh
Pierre Mendy declared persona non grata for being violent!

A security attache’ at the Gambia’s diplomatic mission has reportedly been declared persona non grata by the United States authorities.

Pierre Minteh’s diplomatic alleged expulsion is exacerbated by his violent action meted out on Gambian protesters, including journalist Fatou Camara who sustained injuries.

Fatou was chased and knocked down by Pierre Minteh. Eye witnesses said Minteh was acting on the orders of President Yahya Jammeh who had been inundated with anger over being provoked, booed, yelled at and insulted. Gambian leader and his entourage were holed up in Hay Adams hotel for more than 12 hours.

As a staff of the Gambia’s diplomatic mission, the former protocol officer at the Gambian High Commission in Dakar is immune to prosecution. He can only be prosecuted provided the Gambia government strips him off his immunity, which has not been the case.

According to Vienna Convention, Pierre Mendy and his entire family can no longer reside in the United States territory. Minteh’s wife is reported to be heavily pregnant.

Activist groups have condemned assault on Fatou Camara, Ousainou Mbenga and Pa Samba Jow on August 6th, describing the action as “an extension of the Gambia government’s thuggery.”

Also shaming the despicable act is the United Democratic Party (UDP) diaspora chapter that expresses “solidarity with our gallant brothers and sisters who took time off from work to protest against bad governance in the Gambia.”

The group said it was “particularly disturbed by the behavior exhibited by some members of the Gambia delegation at the Hay Adams hotel on Wednesday August 6, 2014 by attacking and causing injury to peaceful demonstrators outside the hotel that the Gambian leader and delegates stayed at. Their actions contravene a sacred international norm that accords the rights to individuals the freedom of assembly, speech, and association. We condemn these actions in the most strongest terms and called on our brothers and sisters, especially Pa Samba, Fatou Camara, and Ousainou Mbenga to stay strong. We are with them and will be there for them if and when our services are needed.”



  1. Musa,

    My source tells me that Pierre Minteh was VOLUNTARILY withdrawn – to avoid any diplomatic spat marring Obama’s Summit. I am also informed that if Pierre Minteh had been publicly expelled, a US Diplomat in Banjul will almost certainly be expelled in return. I have met Fatou Jaw Manneh (at Kannifing Magistrates Court) and Fatou Camara (at Le Parissian while she was with Amadou Samba) and I would NOT mess with either lady!!!

    On the issue of “prosecution for assault”, that would be a non-starter IF

    a) If Fatou Camara and the demonstrators were “beaten” within the Hotel itself (a well-known Gambian was staying overnight at my place while “Fatou Camara was chasing Ministers in the Hotel Lobby” – that is how it was put: that the Ministers saw Fatou Camara and ran away!)


    b) If video footage may show the demonstrators being as raucous as my Daily Observer boys Omar bah and Okocha at the New York Demo.

    But it is all exciting stuff! Now for the Pistorious Trial Summing-Up over in Biko City – have a nice day!

    • “I am also informed that if Pierre Minteh had been publicly expelled, a US Diplomat in Banjul will almost certainly be expelled in return”
      I think this man halake must be a joker. Who takes that view serious and who losses. Not a whole lot of people and certainly not the US.

      • Lamin T says ” Who takes that view serious and who losses. Not a whole lot of people and certainly not the US.”

        Trust me Lamin T, the US would take that view 100% seriously. You obviously don’t know the man you are fighting – but I can tell you that Jammeh is the only African President, and one of the few world leaders, who would EXPEL the American Ambassador without thinking twice about it. Call him mad if you want, but he would do it.

        • Dida he can expel anyone he wants. What I am telling you here is that the US does not give a sweat over that. And please Dida let us stop making this man what he is not, never been, and will ever be. He can sit in his stinky office in Kanilai or Banjul and make these crazy decisions. He is just a coward and I just wished he had come out on Tuesday to face us at the hotel. As far as I am concern he is nothing but garbage and its about time Gambians take to the street and flush this idiot out of their lives forever PERIOD!!!

  2. No sugar-coating Dida please. Pierre Minteh was expelled, period!

  3. Alagie Sanyang

    Whether he is withdrawn or expelled, Gambian activists have won. Aluta continua folks.

  4. What a good riddance! Let him go to Kanilai and continue his animal-like behaviour.

  5. Dida seems to be Mr. Know All. Sidi Sanneh also said Minteh was declared persona non grata.

  6. Lamin Jammeh, I am sure that IF Sidi Sanneh is correct, the State department will make a statement. I wasn’t saying I had the Gospel Truth – just what my source said. But I do think the statement that IF he was expelled, a tit-for-tat expulsion will almost certainly follow is correct – and from that tit-for-tat you could argue that the “Activists” have achieved a result … however insignificant in the whole scheme of things!

  7. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Oh Dida got sources within the Jammeh crew? You cannot twist the story how you want it. Pierre Minteh was taken away by the DC cops and declared persona non grata. Jammeh is still believed to be in Potomac because of high secret service presence at the said residence. I hope the police are done with their investigation before they leave the country so that some arrests can be made.

  8. Dida ..are you trying to justify what they did to Fatou and others by making it sound like there are two sides to the story ? Cuz if you are then you are in bed with the tyrant and his good for nothing followers.

    Gambians are bleeding with pain..i mean real Gambians whose parents , forefathers and relatives are Gambians and residing under this craziness. So Dida since you are a Paper Gambian don’t waste our time. Thank you.

    • Indeed Bass, there are TWO sides to EVERY story (although it is true that God has both the Quran & the Bible speaking for Him and the poor Devil has none!).

      On one side there are people demonstrating against Jammeh and on the other side are people whose job it is to protect Jammeh. Each side has legitimate right to do what they are doing – but IF violence ensues, the US Cops job is to find out who is at fault – objectively.

      They can’t just condemn one side or the other without gathering the evidence – which would include CCTV and who has a right to be where. Surely that is common sense Bass???

  9. Ebrahim Jaiteh

    Is a country of laws , you cannot assault any body and getaway with it

  10. Lafia Touray la Manju

    If Sidi Sanneh said the thug is expelled then he is expelled. He is a well connected guy who is not Dida’s match.

    I almost bought Dida’s version but then I thought to myself when jammeh is angry, his smart advisers don’t get near him. So it can’t be true because that would have been a very smart move that an angry jammeh is incapable of conceiving.


  11. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida, I don’t accept your notion that the State Department would have come up with a statement. This guy is very low grade diplomat and Gambia is an insignificant country in international politics. So I can foresee the US officials just serving notice to The Gambia government or it’s agent in Washington and go to sleep afterwards and having to tell CNN or FoxNews what they did.


  12. This Mr Halaki never wished well for Gambia and Gambians. Post Yaya Jammeh will be interesting. Believe that!

  13. To Dida, and Editor Musa

    First, I was alerted to Dida’s comment in reference to me with reckless use of adjectives and facts. However, I wish not to dwell in an exchange with a character like Dida simply because he is tastelessly baseless and devoid of the self-worth necessary to be engaged. But I cannot understand why Dida would lie and distort facts…and to satisfy who? I was never Dida’s boy or co-worker at the Daily Observer or anywhere. My only encounter with/and recollection of this character is when I kicked him out of the editorial computer room while he dropped opinion pieces and disturbed the environment. He was neither a staff no a colleage and we saw each other only when he dropped his pieces weekly, or even longer. When he became observer MD, I was already in the US as a refugee exposing the regime while he defended it. So how do I and Nanama, (Dida’s observer sports editor) fall in the same bracket as his ‘observer boys’? I demand a correction and an apology. Otherwise, I promise Dida to watch out for a fitting response on ASN website.

    • Omar, Omar, Calm Down! I meant it all with AFFECTION! Absolutely no ill-will intended!!! I profusely apologise. How could I be anything but positive about a man who named me as “Gambian of The Year” sometime ago on his blog??? Anyway, apologies again, and regards to you and the beautiful family.

      • Dida,
        Thanks for understanding where I am coming from. I am not upset or angry, I just wanted to set the records straight in a situation where I can be easily branded or misunderstood as a former government apologist which is a blatant travesty of who I am. All the same, thank you so much for understanding, and for your maturity on this issue. Keep in touch.

        • UR most welcome Bro! I appreciate the “situation”. Maximum RESPECT to you and – I repeat – the BEAUTIFUL family. They are what matter. I am just about to take mine to a FOREST CAMP for a break. You and I are BOTH “bonus pater familias” – in BOTH the literal and legal meanings of the term. Good-day Bro.

  14. You guys will soon figure out that Dida is Bagdad Bob for the Jammeh Regime. He will twist the truth to make the regime look good, that was his job then and that is what he choose to continues to do. Dida you were used and abused please drop the lies and misinformation.

    These losers don’t have any conscience and no mercy what so ever for the oppressed Gambians who are living under a thug. About a year a ago a young man barely 30 years of age was beaten to death by the army and his lifeless boy was dumped at a police station. Guess what? Absolutely nothing came out of it.

    what do you tell his mom, we have the best system of government?

    • Get a life Jason! What do YOU say to the 2,000 GAZA mothers whose children are killed and maimed by your Beloved America’s Bombs? Stop being such a hypocrite!!!

      • I spoke against it, because that is the power I have. Unlike you who praises a brutal regime and defend its actions.

        Am not blind to what America does, I will be the first to admit we have our share of problems. In America we have the right to critize our governemnt and it is not a one man government, Gambians do not have that right. The difference between you and I is that I don’t not defend the ills of America.

        You go out of your way to defend a brutal regime, that’s what I don’t get.

  15. Nobody Irritates me like this Dida Halaku! Men, Shut da hell Up, and stay away from Gambian affairs! Why don’t you worry about your Native Ethiopia or Kenya? Give us a break, You’re creepy! And Fellow Gambians, do not seek Dida’s help in any situation cuz he will tell the whole World that He helped you…This Man got no “Sutura” period! He exhibits the same qualities that Jammeh possess or even worse! Crawl back to your Hole.

    • “Muhamed B.M. Baldeh
      August 8, 2014 at 2:16 PM
      Nobody Irritates me like this Dida Halaku! Men, Shut da hell Up”!!!!!

      I am training you Baldeh – learn to remain rational and cool as ice even when you are most provoked! Are you calm now?

  16. So..Dida…if Fatou Camara is your mother and Ousainou Mbenga is your brother and Dayda Hydara is your father..will you think the same way? Look is only under a gangster government that people can be treated like that. You have to understand that there can never be a justification of assulting people ..what part of that don’t you understand, how does two sides of the story relevant in this.

  17. Who will benefit from tit tat exchange between American embassy expel and Monster Pierre Minteh idiot uneducated lack up professionalism? I think One can agree with me that Gambia government will be a biggest loser because American Government doesn’t no shit from Gambia government who have no regard in this world and hereafter but idiot hell fire dwellers. I will be happy if monster childish uneducated ruthless Dictator Jammeh’s bodyguard is expell from USA for the rest of his life. Pierre Minteh or Mendy doesn’t belong to 21st century civilized countries particularly in America. But lets my fellow readers mark my word ONE DAY THIS PIERRE MINTEH OR MENDY WILL BE EXILE OR BE IN MILE TWO HOTEL.

  18. We have seen the diehard Dictator Jammeh’s supporters and right handed men like BABA JOBE, LT COL LANG, MOMODOU SABALLY, DR NJOGU BAH , LAMIN JORBATEH, SANA SABALLY, EDWARD SINGATEH, SADIBU HYDARA AND etc have been killed, detained or fired. So what is worth fighting for betrayer dictator Monster Jammeh? Knowing or unknowing that your days are just number. Pierre Minteh and co you are fool idiot uneducated and hell fire dwellers. But one day you will run for life away from Dictator Jammeh or you will be in prison and he will poison you there as he did to Baba Jobe and co.

  19. Dida Please shut up! Gambians have enough of your nonsense. You never care about the future of our country. He is not a Gambian and has no family connection with the Gambia. If he really cares about the future of the Gambia then he would have punish us like he have been doing. I doubt if he really thinks of what will happen when he is no more in power. He did saw what is happening to countries who had long term dictators. The day will come when we will clean our Homeland from all the INFILTRATORS like you. There is a handful of you and we will handle you. The day is near.

    • Kuntukung says: “If he really cares about the future of the Gambia then he would have punish us like he have been doing”

      It is NOT punishment!! It is EDUCATION!!! make an effort to understand!! All this NONSENSICAL EMOTIONALISM will not do a single thing to make Gambia better!!

      Kuntukung says: “The day will come when we will clean our Homeland from all the INFILTRATORS like you”.

      Even Gambia’s next rulers will probably turn some of you Diaspora Hustler away at the airport!

      Thank God that Gambia has rational and sensible GROWN-UPS facing and dealing with the problems BASED at home!!

      There Kuntunkung! Happy??

  20. Patriotic Gambians, please let us focus all our energy on Yaya Jammeh and his regime because we need to remove him forthwith. Any day he is there our people are suffering from Yaya Jammeh’s regime. Halake is a distractor and enabler who want to continue seeing Gambians suffer in the hands of Yaya Jammeh. This man didn’t worth our time. Maybe after we are done with Yaya we will listen to his nonsense.

  21. Folks is there any legal right for fatou to sue Gambia government for asssaut causing bodily harm. Gambians in the diaspora should not take this asssult low but find all legal opportunities to make the culprits pay for this cowardly and shameless assault on a defenceless lady.

    • The question Saiho is “Who assaulted who”??? And, what was Fatou doing in Jammeh’s Hotel – if she and Jammeh fell out a few months ago?? I am afraid the court would consider it a domestic tiff brought about by one friend rejecting another. NOT FIT TO WASTE COURTS VALUABLE TIME!!!!

  22. “Janjanbureh
    August 8, 2014 at 4:08 PM
    … let us focus all our energy on Yaya Jammeh and his regime because we need to remove him forthwith.”

    “Forthwith” means NOW, janjanbureh! This moment – not tomorrow. Yahya Jammeh is so scared of your “energy” that he has declared Vision 2024 – another 10 years!! “Forthwith” my foot. Dream on!

  23. Halake, Halake, Halake. Please give us a break. We have enough of Yaya Jammeh and we can’t take his bullshit any way.

  24. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Dida Halakita, you’ve lost your bearings on this one. Now you may back off.


  25. Bagdad Bob at his best

  26. Observations of a passive follower of the exchanges. …!!!!

    (1)…Less emotions and lots of calm is needed….

    (2)…From.our knowledge and experience of Yaya Jammeh, it is reasonable to assume that he will react in a tit-for-tat manner if his diploma was expelled from the US. …

    (3)…Freedom News reports that said diplomat is still attached to Embassy in US, so my in-law’s (Dida) sources seem credible…

    (4)…There is no excuse or justification for “assault” and violent behaviour (including obscene profanities),regardless of place and circumstances…

    (5)…As accredited journalists for this occasion, both Fatou Camara and Sam Phatty have right of access to the hotel, because there were many other foreign dignitaries, beside Gambians …

    (6)…Gambian Officials have no reason to “run” away from Fatou Camara,unless if she was brandishing a gun instead of a mic…To grant her an interview or not is entirely up to them and if Miss/Mrs Camara behaved in any way that could be perceived as harassment, then they would be entitled to request for her removal from the hotel by the (US) law enforcers…Gambian security agents should not interfere with her because they are not responsible for law enforcement in the US….

    (7)…The alleged assault on Fatou and Sam is disgraceful, criminal and should not go unpunished….

    Finally, I hope Diaspora Gambians would consider other options, other than confrontations, to resolve the crisis we face with the regime….. It should be understood that the more confrontational we are with the Jammeh regime, the harder it will be to influence the government to resolve the crisis….And this prolonged situation of sheer hatred and anger (at everything and everyone) is not in anyone’s interest….

  27. Dida Wins Again!! There is absolutely NOTHING on Google News Search about any “expulsion” of Pierre Mendy. Even Pa Nderry Mbai states today that “Gambia Diplomat Pierre Minteh Has Not Been Expelled By The US State Department!!”.

    Now, just to excite Dida’s Fans further here is some LEGAL Opinion on the Fatou Camara “assault” allegations:

    If the Police are “INVESTIGATING”, they do it properly in the USA.

    CCTV footage will be the key evidence – not what Fatou’s Fans or Jammeh Security may conjure up. The police will follow the EVIDENCE – not conjured up allegations.

    Now, it is quite possible that the EVIDENCE may lead to Jammeh’s Security being arrested – or to Fatou herself being arrested IF it was her who was the aggressor.

    Jammeh’s security have the advantage that the hotel is their “home” – they were booked in there. They had a right to be in there and to feel safe there. They also had a right, nay duty, to protect The Gambian Head of State – a GUEST of the President of the United States no less!!!!

    Fatou Camara on the other hand, was not a guest in the hotel, she was not an invited guest and she had no right to be there. Further, she knew she was not on good terms with the hotel guests and she knew she would NOT be welcome. She knew that there would be a confrontation and knowingly came for a confrontation: the confrontation was advertised in advance in Gambian On-Line media!!!!!!!!!!!! Pa Mbai himself stated that he was called-in about it by US Security Services.

    Conclusion: It is my Opinion that Fatou’s allegations will lead nowhere for all the above reasons. Secondly, if infact the Gambian President’s team make counter-allegations, it may be possible that Fatou Camara herself could be arrested … following the evidence rather than the politics. Of course, if Fatou Camara is the US Ambassador in Banjul’s friend (and he recommended her for a Press Pass to Obama’s Summit) then her actions against Jammeh’s Security at the Hotel may have State Department approval – in which case Fatou would be protected).

    That is it for now my Fans, I am off to BUSH CAMP for a week – I hope you don’t miss me too much!!!

    Jerre Jeff.

  28. Bax says: “(5)…As accredited journalists for this occasion, both Fatou Camara and Sam Phatty have right of access to the hotel, because there were many other foreign dignitaries, beside Gambians …”

    Nice one Bax! All we need to do is follow Fatou’s and Sam’s on-line activities to show that they had only one enemy in that Hotel – and they went for that enemy, NOT anyone else!!!!! For example, is there evidence of an interview Fatou and Sam did with Uhuru kenyatta or anyone else??????????????

  29. There’s no win for Dida. Bax has come again to throw confussion into the game. We trust both Sidi Sanneh and Kairo until they are proven wrong. It looks like dictator’s master spinners have once again entered and conquered our show. What a pity! We don’t want our genuine struggle to be soiled by dictator’s collaborators.

  30. Pierre remains expelled for violating the Vienna Convention. All other talk or story is bulcrap.

  31. Who do we trust? The man who killed Baba Leigh or the man who propaganda for Yaya Jammeh. I think Kairo is giving you too much space.

  32. The fact is that we trust the Kairo people. They are people with good heart for mother Gambia.

  33. Last week Dida said Jammeh’s heart and head are not together. I think he is also suffering with the same. Why will he defend a regime that persecuted him? Something is wrong with this Halake man.

  34. Seriously I don’t know what is wrong with lazy Gambians, when Farou Camara was busy licking the president’s axx no one had anything to talk about and that fatou lady was denying any bad allegations towards the president, but now that she wants to reside in America and be a citizen she is talking shit. I think it’s time we Gambians wake up and open our eyes because what Fatou Camara got she deserved it and they should.

    • Neneh Jallow, some your other comments directed at Fatou are omitted due to the language you use. The anger you directed at her, to the point of wishing her paralyse is worrying. I left that part so that, Fatou Camara can know how vengeful some elements are thinking of her. It is time, you acknowledge that, President Jammeh is the cause his own bad image, since he is brutal and savage in many ways. You cannot expect Gambians to be quiet with that. If you expect Gambians to still praise President Jammeh whilst being brutal, dictatorial, abducting, killing, corrupt, manipulative and unkind, petty, undemocratic and evil, then you don’t know the last thing about human spirit.

  35. Fanding K.Darboe

    Tuoo!. Watch your mouth Neneh. Fatou do not deserve that. I was with Fatou in the DC demonstration and I was very impressed with her determination and dedication to the struggle. What she did or said before should be bygones and let us open a new chapter with her because she has seen the light through the tunnel. By that I meant that people can make mistakes but we should also learn to forgive if they are genuinely trying to correct their mistakes with sincerity. She is very different from some of the Gambians who came and never joined the struggle but even supporting their abuser Yaya Jammeh. Please give her credit and don’t wish her all the bad things.