Proud Stance Against A Criminal – Yaya Jammeh

protesters 2

By Joe Sambou

A Good day for Gambian protest movement, as citizens piled into Washington to barricade dictator Jammeh.

Folks, it is a good day for Gambia. I am very proud of the men and women who sacrificed their time and money to confront the murderer in the Gambia – Yaya Jammeh. Folks, we came to a point that we are pass dialogue; reaching out; offering an olive branch; asking for relief, etc. The sooner we know that in the history of tyranny, love, academic panels, understanding, or wishing away never gets the job done.

Confrontation is what gets them irritated. We have used the peaceful means route the last twenty years and it did not work for reasons we all know too well. Now, we are going to offer the bullet as well as the ballot. We need to support those who are willing to use any means necessary to get rid of Yaya and I mean any means necessary.

As I always say, we need to stop the naivete. Preaching peace and love will only give us nothing but another 30 years with this thug. Enough of the calculations and self preservation. We have the NRMG to step up to the plate and I do understand that there are other groups planning and organizing to form a critical mass. If you are unwilling to march along with them, support them financially with all your might. They need resources to jump start the revolution.

I had personally pledged that as long as I am not on the ground to round up this criminal as charged, that I will uphold to the unofficial agreement on-line – that, “if one is not on the ground, then they cannot say anything”. Folks, as you are hearing from the Radios, the scoundrel is caged. Anything less is a complete waste of our time and energy. Support the change you want to see.

The NRMG and other groups are a complement to the political process, just like other political movements with a militia wing top add definition which I call muscle. After twenty years, there is nothing that any can educate us on our troubles – been there done that! My last point is enough of the lone wolves. Too many amongst us talk a good game, yet are not associated or affiliated with any group and never have been. How in hell do you hope to accomplish the goal of getting rid of a murderer? That is dishonest and fraudulent. You can preach to the choir but are proud to claim you do not belong to any group to fight for change. So, if you are willing to fight join those that willing and ready. If you are not willing to risk anything, then support financially like your life depends on it. It is a good day for Gambia! 

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