Who's Secretly Meeting Jammeh?

jammeh and mballowA firebrand Gambian activist has asked people to identify the head of a dissident group and individuals secretly planning to meet President Yahya Jammeh in Washington D.C.

“We cannot stop people who are loyal to only their pockets; it has always happen and it is going to happen. There are people who are not patriotic to their country. They are not contented with what they have,” Saihou Mballow, an opposition activist of the Gambia Movement for Democracy and Development, told Kairo Radio.

Mballow was reacting to leaks that some groups have been holding secret talks with Secretary General Dr. Kalilu Bayo so they meet President Jammeh in camera. Kairo News is doing its best to get into the nitty-gritty of the story.

“Anyone who sees these people can identify them so we expose them. We need to know who is who. We don’t want to have wolf in sheep’s clothing within our midst,” Mr. Mballow said, expressing concern about the possibility of “unpatriotic citizens sharing information with Jammeh. They will be within us stealing inform about people and share them with the failed government of Jammeh.”

Mr. Mballow, an arch critic of the Jammeh regime, said he is not worried about betrayers of the struggle against dictatorship in the Gambia. “If they are meaningful, they will not dare meet Jammeh let alone behind closed doors.”

He cited the case of the Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States, Sheikh Omar Faye. “Look at Ambassador Faye! He is a military coward who ran away from Jammeh, sought political asylum in Atlanta, only to go back and apologise to him. History is going to judge him for being an Ambassador of a failed government. Mr. Faye is a laughing stock.”

Mr. Mballow wants Gambians to learn from history of those who betray genuine struggles. He said those opposition members who defected to the ruling party have lost everything, including their credibility and respect. “That is what is going to happen to those in the diaspora who are telling us that they are tired and want positions from Jammeh. Yahya Jammeh is a desperate leader who has lost respect in every aspect of dignity in the world. His is a government without credibility and I wonder why anyone with integrity will join such a government,” he said.

Mballow says anyone who accepts Jammeh’s offer will be like Njogu Bah (jailed Secretary General) who reconciled with Jammeh, served in the cabinet before incurring Gambian leader’s wrath.




  1. This is abhorrently pathetic, to say the least, it’s quite unimaginable that some distasteful flukes are planning to cash in blood on the sufferings of Gambians including their very own families & children’s future for dirty individualistic selfish gains, in moneys that legally belongs to us all but stolen by the kanilai Devilish Almunafiq Rapist Almuminin… History will certainly judge us all by our actions. True.


  3. Alagie Jallow

    Alahu akbar! O Lord, destroy these vampires.

  4. Alimatou Sarr

    We heard about this story. The back and forth communication between Dr. Bayo and some unpatriotic and selfish dissident group leaders. Good that Kairo has blown the whistle.

  5. Bakary Jarju

    Am shocked but determined to be in Washington. Jammeh is trying to dilute our protest. He is scared. We are winning.

  6. Lamin Jammeh

    Last kick of a dying horse is heavy. This is one of them. Jammeh’s cameras are ready for whoever meets him in secret. Beware of the Bully and his master planners.

  7. Bakary Jarju

    This is why we’ve been struggling to defeat the monster. The so-called elites are the problem. With all their phds they want to remain slave of Jammeh. Can’t we curse them out good people of Gambia?

  8. Edi Boy Sankadi

    I am not surprised about this story at all. Selfish, ungodly people are within the diaspora who are informers and hypocrites who have no place in the hereafter but lowest deck of hell fire. Even Madison in Wisconsin there is a lot of president jammeh informers who will always bring up jammeh’s illegal arrest, tortures, disappearance and etc only to listen to your response, so that they can send your name and all your personal data to Banjul. So we the real strugglers for free Gambia from jammeh dictatorship and tyranny let’s be watchful and mindful about this selfish hypocrites, ungodly and evil selfish opportunists informers in USA, Europe and particularly Madison in Wisconsin. These informers will be exposed and then go to hell fire if they don’t stop their hypocrisy.

  9. jason Miller

    I think the task at hand is to identify these people by all means necessary. I have long held the belief that the Jammeh enablers are a bigger problem than Jammeh himself. Without these selfish people Jammeh cannot manipulate the Gambia for so long.

    These selfish people do not care about anything other than their pockets and temporary fame – 15 mins in the lime light.

    If it takes a 24hr watch on Jammeh’s hotel so be it, lets weed out these worms out of our mist.

  10. Janjanbureh

    God Bless the Gambia. Nobody can stop the wishes of the majority of the Gambian people. These are last minute attempts to save a dying regime. Yaya Jammeh will not make it because he has no interest in saving the Gambia in the first place but to fill his pocket. These opportunists will not make it anymore. Don’t worry about them.

  11. It is my personal opinion that if Diaspora Gambians want to be part of efforts to effect meaningful change in the Gambia, they must be prepared to meet all stake holders, including Yaya Jammeh, who is perhaps, the most “important” element in the whole equation.

    Whether we hate him or love him, the inescapable fact is that Jammeh is the President and Head of Government and that any efforts, peaceful or confrontational, cannot be undertaken successfully without his (government’s) “participation…”

    The only disturbing aspect of this initiative, if it is true, is its clandestine nature, which does raise questions about the intentions of the individuals involved.

    I would have loved to see a cross section of the leadership of the various diaspora and (online) media groups, selected to meet and have mature and candid discussions with Yaya Jammeh and his administration.

    Those of us who fantasize removing Jammeh by force of arms have a right to their dreams, but we must all recognise that the most realistic way of effecting change today, is by engaging Yaya Jammeh and other stake holders, including the opposition parties..

    Our desire to engage Yaya Jammeh only through confrontational methods, either through angry demonstrations, senseless insults or “planned” arms conflict is indicative of “thinking” with our “hearts”, rather than our “heads..”

    The chance to.meet Mr Jammeh should not be dismissed out of hand, but should be viewed as one of many ways to achieve meaningful change, in order to address the governance crisis in.our country, which has the potential to disrupt the peace and tranquillity that Gambia has always enjoyed, even during the turbulent 20 years of Jammeh’s rule.

    Finally, (pls excuse me for saying this) whilst it.may be harmless to “climb” up to cloud 9 and shout “Death to Yaya Jammeh and his helpers”, one must eventually “come” down to planet earth and face the reality of the situation in the Gambia.

  12. Bax you have said it well. Bless you for injecting sense in this protracted talking point. Gambia’s problem cannot be solve by anger, humiliation, arm struggle and character assassination. It require collective and mature approaches, not injecting individual or personal grievance. We are all angry, disgusted and sadden with the miss-rule of Jammeh for 20yrs, Problem is a collective one and all hands should be on deck to deal with peacefully.

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