Detained Caliph Freed On Bail

Darsilameh Caliph GeneralThe detained Caliph General of the Sheriff caliphate in Dasilameh Sangajor in Foni Kansala in Western Region has been released on bail Friday afternoon. A huge entourage of talibes, family membets and well-wishers escorted the God-fearing Cleric home.

Sheriff Muhidein Hydara, who succeeded his elder brother to the throne in 2009, was released on a D100, 000 bail bond, family sources confirmed to Kairo News. He was neither charged, nor arraigned in court. The Caliph was asked to report to police on Monday.

Sheriff Hydara’s arrest and subsequent detention occurred on Tuesday after he had led Dasilameh Muslim community for the 2014 Eid-ul-fitr prayers. Interestinly, the Gambia government refused to accept responsibility for the arrest, although the police arrested and detained the Dasilameh Caliph General. Even the police chief Yankuba Sonko did want to take responsibility because the order to arrest came from the Interior Minister.

After spending a night in Sibanor and Yundum Police Stations, the respected Spiritual Leader was escorted to the Inspector General’s office where he had face-to-face discussion with Supreme Islam Council executive. The Council members, who included Alhagie Lamin Touray and Imam Alhagie Abdoulie Fatty of State House, took responsibility for the arrest. Apart from blaming the Caliph for deifying the Presidential edit (fatwa), the embattled clerics wanted Muhidein to appear before the television camera and seek forgiveness. The Caliph remained defiant, insisting that he was only exercising his religious obligation and that he fears only Allah.

The Caliph General’s illegal arrest and detention had attracted solidarity from the Sheriff caliphates in Casamance, Dakar and Guinea-Bissau whose entourage of more than 15 fleet of cars stayed with him until his release. Muhidein led the Friday prayers in Yundum Police shortly before his release.



  1. It’s sad and unfortunate for detention of this old man and everyone who was detained, abuses and force to exile. But i think we all have a duty to sit down and think, whether the situation and never to cherry pick about who was arrested, force to exile and etc. We are all aware of gross human being abuses, killings, disappearance and force to exile Gambians are experiences during 20 yrs of Yahya jammeh’s ruling. But are we going to cherry pick or not. Did anyone of readers know Samsideen Hydara’s force to exile created by these SIC and these Marabouts who are infighting about who is going to be President Yahya Jammeh’s closest friend. When Samsideen Hydara was force and fear for his life where are you and these Gambia so-called Marabouts and SIC leaders? They all have hands on Samsideen Dino Hydara’s forceful exile because they want to be closer to President jammeh. if we can recall this man late brother Anfaal Hydara is president Yahya Jammeh’s closest Friend and marabout. Whenever these marabouts and SIC leaders annual GAMO come, Yahya Jammeh pump in a lot of money in their pockets and they become his informers. Rather being following what their teachings in ISLAM, they are busy reporting their fellow sSHERIFF like Samsideen DINO hydara simply because they are in good terms with dictator Jammeh and even offer him prayers knowing that he doing bad deeds and inflicting pain and suffering to innocent Muslim Gambians. Like Mandinka proverbs say, if you sow coos/groundnut, don’t expect you will see maize growing rather you will see what you sow. Allah is the best of knower and power to prevail the truth. But what happened to Samsideen Hydara is barbaric and completely illegal and no truth Allah’s fearing so called SIC LEADERS AND those Marabouts should accept it first place or even being among the people who are main caused of his forcefully exile for almost 9 yrs in exile.

  2. jason miller

    So the supreme Islamic can order arrests now? wow

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