‘Backway Is Shattering Our Country ‘

Former WUlli MP Sedia Jatta
Sedia Jatta: Former WUlli West MP 

The Gambia’s former parliamentarian is deeply concerned about the high number of youths engaging in the perilous journey to Europe in search of “greener pastures”.

This has proven to be “a journey of no return” for many youths who spend several months and days combing through the bushes, deserts and sea, in a bid to sail through Italy or Spain.

“The backway trip to Europe is one of the greatest threats to our country’s future,” Hon. Sedia Jatta, the former MP for Wuli West, told Kairo Radio. “This trend has already shattered villages and towns, especially in the provinces. The negative consequence of our able- bodied youths leaving the country is immeasurable.”

Mr. Jatta said it is surprising to see even highly skilled Gambians and school graduates risking everything, including their precious lives and resources, just to travel abroad where their future remains uncertain.

Hon Jatta squarely blamed the Gambia government for its failure to create sound and conducive economic policies geared toward creating sustainable jobs and skills for the youths. “If our government has implemented better policies, our youths will not embark on risky journeys in search of greener pastures. Instead citizens of other countries will come to the Gambia to look for jobs.”

Jatta said the Gambia’s economic sickness has created hardship to extent that people see salvation in traveling to Europe through the backway. He said majority of the people cannot make ends meet with their meagre, stagnant salary. “It is practically impossible for a person paid D3, 000 to pay for rent and provide food for his family,” said Mr. Jatta who is on Scandinavia tour.


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