It’s Time To Defeat Dictatorship


As another flame of the so-called 22nd July celebration passed, Gambians have again gone through the trauma for the twentieth time in their lives. What an irony for the peace loving people of our beloved nation to be under the shackle of tyranny.

I will buttress on the bitter and painful experience of our exhorted kisses? Sir, with respect to my submission to Allah in this august month (Ramadan) of Islamic calendar/year, it is my humble choice (as part of the struggle against injustice and tyranny not only to fairly elucidate on the misery and the inhumane treatment our state has been undergoing since 1994, but to fervently warn fellow country mates especially the so called intellectuals to be content and stop being puppets, whose prestige and integrity are raised only to be hijacked and lower to the bottom stratum of social ladder by President Jammeh.

The reason why we, the victims of slavery and colonial bondage fought against it tooth and nail, is not only based on mare independence but on freedom and Justice, the absence of which in any society degrades the values and the potentials of people in that social and political setting. Thus a reason why, men like Kwame Krummah, Nelson Mandela, Sekou Toure, William Dubois etc are not only remembered but their names and activities are celebrated by all and sundry today.

Contrary to the named leaders, are the like of President Jammeh, who only came to power to enrich himself by humiliating and dehumanising fellow men especially among the educated elites and the elderly people, who he uses and plays like draft before he would finally shackle and throw them behind bars, yet, we do not take the bitter experience of the defaulted and the victimised employees and the so called intellectuals as lessons enough for us to learn from, which is intensifying the cruelty of the president as he could always pick and choose among us, since he knows the magnitude of our greed for position and wealth at the expense of our integrity or personality.

The recent case of Momodou Sabally has proved to be an overwhelming joy yet gloomy and melancholic since the need for his genuine contribution for national interest is concern. Thus the dude despite of his academic qualifications, showcased his narrow mindedness and irrationality by letting himself to be used by an ignorant dictator, who conditioned him to insult his tribe mates who are seen as anti Jammeh, which is a blatant lie and serious misconception of tribalist minds in the Gambian politics.

Jammeh behaves and treat Gambians as sub humans by denying them their inalienable or fundamental human rights. Beside the murders and tortures he meted on us, I could not comprehend and condone, his ruthlessness when he denies the dead body of Gambians including the illustrious sons of the land, such as Buba Baldeh, (and anyone who might have opposed his government) from entering the country for burial as if he has bought the country with his money or as if he is the everlasting natural custodian of the state. What right and authority is vested to a president that he could use to stop a citizen from being buried in his country? What harm could a dead body do to a ruling party? By denying a dead body from being buried, what pain or punishment would he feel from the kings of this life? And what benefit would President Jammeh gain from this stupid and inhumane act? This is a real manifestation of Jammeh’s unforgiving character, as he even tries to punish the dead.

Gambians are yet to know the degree of Jammeh’s tribal mindset and it will be too late if we should let him exceed this point as he can incite serious tribal feuds if we do not make a concerted effort against him by unravelling and dismantling all our differences.

Sir, unless we give preference to our integrity and national interest by proving beyond reasonable doubt, the selflessness and contentment of our wants and needs, with concerted efforts, irrespective of our political, tribal, religious and sectional differences, dictatorship and tyranny of President Jammeh shall remain a bondage and suffering to us all.

Jalang Dembo Sima



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