GMDD Damns July 22 Celebration

Saihou Mballow
Saihou Mballow

Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development (GMDD) condemn in the strongest terms the Government of President Yahya Jammeh celebrating the July, 22nd 1994 Coup D’etat and call for the Restoration of Genuine Democracy and end Dictatorship in The Gambia:

Gambians, friends of the Gambia, Democratic Governments and Human Rights Organizations worldwide are hereby called upon to condemn in the strongest terms the (APRC) Government of President Yahya Jammeh on the day of July 22nd 1994 Coup D’etat, the day he among some junior undisciplined, noncommissioned officers of the Gambian national army seized the freedom of Gambians by over throwing a democratically elected Government. This is why the regime takes it upon itself annually to celebrate and commemorate this dark historic and terroristic move against democracy and the rule of law.

For the majority of Gambians, who over the years have painfully learnt the bitter experience of this violent and illegal change, celebrating the July, 22nd is not only a waste of their tax revenue but is a cruel reminder of the period of illegal arrests, detentions, torture, unfair trials and a general insecurity of life and property. It is also a reminder of how corruption can be legalized and justified under Jammeh’s dictatorship. President Yahya Jammeh and his cohorts have, beyond the comprehension of the average Gambian, acquired properties, ceased land and engaged in dubious business dealings.

The record speaks volume for itself; the same gangs of arrogant and greedy soldiers headed by Yahya Jammeh who have transformed themselves to civilian politicians supported by some unpatriotic military have over the 20 year period mismanaged and looted the Gambian economy. They continue to violate the constitution, strictly control political activities, rigged 4 periodical elections to oppress the Gambian people by perverting the rule of law. The legacy of the APRC regime, which in effect is nothing more than a pseudo-democracy and a dictatorship, is geared more towards Human Rights violation and disregard for Constitutional order. It is obvious that the Gambian people have finally realized that they have been betrayed by President Yahya Jammeh, vice President Isatou Njie saidy, a handful of soldiers and some selfish civilian ministers who were never loyal to the nation but all the time was being guided by selfishness and greed.

The APRC regime from day one of coming to power is very hostile to democracy, the press freedom, good governance, human rights and the rule of law. A testimony of these are: the killings of Ousman Koro ceesay, massacre of 14 student demonstrators in April 2000, assassination of journalist Deyda Hydara in December 16, 2004, massacre of 44 West African Immigrants, the Execution of 9 death row inmates in August 2012, killings of journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh, Daba Marena, kanyiba Kanyi, Alpha Bah, Alieu Lowe, Ellio Jallow, Massy Jammeh, Jasing Kujabie, Haruna Jammeh, and the Constance torture and arrest of UDP militants including Amadou Sanneh.

The act of murder can only be attributed to the gang of President yahya Jammeh’s terrorists better known as the “Jungulars”. Therefore, the disappearance and continuous detention incommunicado without being charged or brought before a court of law of the Gambian people make it abundantly clear that President Jammeh ordered the killing of many citizens of the country.

Today it is abundantly clear that President Yahya Jammeh and cohorts were only hungry for power, were out to destroy the democratic institutions of the country, abuse the rights and freedom of the people, and by so doing deprive the Gambian citizens the rights to freedom and democracy. The objectives of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) Junta turned civilian (APRC) Government is therefore to cling on to power at all cost, plunder the country’s resources without being challenged by any opposing force within the country.

We are therefore informing the world community, that this is what is being celebrated to in the Gambia. All progressive Organizations including all those who stand for democracy, justice and human rights are urged to Join the Gambian Movement for Democracy and development (GMDD), to condemn these shameful celebrations of July, 22nd which is nothing more than a disgrace and a betrayal of democracy and disrespect for the Gambian people.

Finally, we call on President Jammeh to end his dictatorship now; respect the supreme law of the country which is the Constitution; allow a voter registration by ensuring that everyone eligible to vote or be voted in an election is not DISFRANCHISED, includes all citizens living outside the country.


Saihou Mballow
For the Executive Committee
Gambian Movement for Democracy and Development (GMDD)

State Department
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
British Foreign and Commonwealth office
Amnesty International
Human Rights Institutions
Democratic Institutions
Freedom house
Gambian Online newspapers


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  1. Enjura Dukureh

    A fitting condemnation for a dictator.