DUGA’S July 22 “De-commemoration” Statement


Twenty years of Jammeh’s tyranny has dawned upon our beloved Gambia! Since that infamous day of July 22, 1994, many have been unwavering, whether publicly or silently in the stance that Jammeh and his Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) would hinder progress and freedom for the Gambia, and put the country on the wrong trajectory. Throughout this period, we have witnessed an awakening of the Gambian people, and increased participation of our compatriots in the struggle to rescue our nation from the clutches of tyranny. Although we made significant gains, we maintain that 20 years is too long to have put up with Jammeh. We have come full circle in this struggle to uproot Jammeh, but we must ask, what is the way forward from here?

We must move beyond merely listing the Jammeh regime’s atrocities in the past 20 years, his barbarism is undeniable, even to his most willfully ignorant sycophants; his most recent victims (Njogu Bah, Lamin Jorbateh and Momodou Sabally). Instead, we must move towards tangible collective actions that will be the catalyst for the final push to liberate our country.

Factual observations point to evidence that the Jammeh regime’s future is very precarious. In desperation, he will try his best to survive this catastrophe by resorting to his old tricks of silencing and punishing dissent; and continued attempts to sanitize his international image, as in the upcoming White House Africa Summit, August 5-6 2014.

However, through practice, we are convinced that organized and sustained ACTIVISM is the most effective tool in combating our problem. Therefore, we must collectively take the position to COOPERATE and COLLABORATE on principle with any Gambian organization and activists to chart the new direction and ESCALATE our activism.

DUGA strongly believes that the survival of the Jammeh regime for 20 years happened only in the absence of principled ORGANIZATIONS. The palpable collective anger and emotion in recent cases of refusing the burial Buba Baldeh in his country of birth, and the recent heart wrenching interviews with the brave kidnapped former sex slaves, reveals the signs of his crumbling regime, and the glaring sign that the element of fear has diminished. The unified denunciation of his heartless actions vigorously undermines the precedence he is setting. These actions should serve as an impetus to all Gambians living outside the country, coupled with the fury and outrage of Gambian women to be a true determining factor in the liberation of our beloved Gambia from the blood dripping clutches of the Jammeh regime.

We in DUGA are poised to escalate our activism without compromise; never to surrender to the Jammeh regime. We are calling on all principled, action-oriented and freedom loving Gambians to join the movement to end Jammeh’s tyranny. Again, 20 years is ENOUGH!!!!



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