Tribute To The Late Buba Sidiki Michael Baldeh

The Late Bubacarr Michael Baldeh/The Point Image!

By Tuku Jallow-Kane


It is time for the FULLAs to write a petition to his father Alhaji Benteng Jallow-Jammeh or Zainab Suma Jammeh about their son or husband being so wicket towards human beings; in particular, to the dead person he deprived his citizenship to in the denial of the burial of Alhagi Buba Baldeh in his own country where he was born.

I am blaming the Army Commander in BASSE whose last surname is BALDEH. He should have rejected Yaya Jammeh’s Instructions of not allowing Buba’s remains to be buried in MANSAJANG. He should have started the uprising for his brother Buba Baldeh, even though they are not biological brothers, which am not sure off, but maybe they came from the same village and has the same last name.

If am not mistaking it could be that they are related. Yaya Jammeh let me tell you this; if you leave the STATE HOUSE after you have been apprehended, Inshalla, BUBA SIDIKY MICHAEL BALDEH will be EXHUMED from MADINA GUNNAS and reburied, according to his wishes, in his home town Basse Mansajang where he was born and belongs. We will honor his wishes to be laid to rest in peace, INSHALLA, and for you, you will be treated just like your UNCLE GADDAFFI. You are just an EVIL person.

If you can kill babies and innocent girls for your own interest, you will not have the sympathy for the death of a person whom you wanted to poison all along, but God says Buba believes in him, and he will die when God’s time comes. Buba died of natural cause as Dodou Jobe said on Freedom radio, so you should not take credit for it.

The only thing we are upset about is that you have the guts to reject Buba’s body, because you don’t want to see the crowd of people who will attend his funeral. That was also the reason that you said you are waiting to see anyone who attend the funeral; and the elders of Basse also reciting the Holy Quran for Buba Baldeh’s three days you orderd for their dismissal not to conduct the reading of the Holy Quran and yaya you said that you are a good muslim you said If you see that you will deal with them you are a bad mad DOG YAYA Jammeh. If you can fight with the dead person then you are not the true Muslim you call yourself, but we are waiting for you in America next month. You will meet us here. We are ready for you and we will show you what we mean by CITIZEN ARREST in America where Rule of Law and Human Rights prevails.

Buba Sidiki Michael Baldeh was a patriotic good citizen of the country he loved and fought for. Buba also originated from a hero Hon. Michael Baldeh grandson of Mansajang Baldeh. I Tuku Jallow, I am crowning you with the honor of your grand father’s legacy, which you deserve. Hon Buba Sidiki Michael Baldeh. you are crowned as the prince of Basse Mansajang and the Fula people, while you are in your grave on the soil of MEIDNA GUNNAS.

You are my hero and an ICON who has fallen for every Gambian. Every good citizen of the Gambian drops tears when the news of your death broke out to the world during this Holy Month of Ramadan. Be assured you have gone to heaven, because of the legacy you left behind. You have served and represent the people of Basse, Jimara and and the Gambia and worked with the Youths and Sports ministry with respect and dignity. I have worked with Buba Baldeh, Dr. Sedat Jobe, Dodou Jobe for three months in Dakar, Senegal, at the GADHR group last year in the name of the Gambia and visited lot of Foreign Embassies, we have also visited the all Halifa’s religious Leaders in Tivaone, Touba, Nyassen, and the Taal Taal. Buba Baldeh was very dedicated and determined to make sure that this bad regime is gone. Buba Baldeh, you have done your part for the Gambian struggle. We honor you and you will, forever, remain in our hearts.

We will miss you brother BubaSidiki Michael Baldeh and rest in perfect peace until we meet again in the highest of JANAA.

R. I. P.


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