A Brilliant Star Has Fallen From Gambian Galaxy

Buba baldeh , Falai BaldehHe is indefatigable push for the voice of the voiceless, the implementation of sustainable bilateral relationship within the Senegambian sub-region and the return to democracy in The Gambia, from Fulladou to Mansajang and from Banjul to Dakar perhaps made him the glue that closely held together all those around him refusing to yield to neither fatigue nor fear. He wasn’t alone in this outreach, but his efforts as the Secretary General of the Dakar group together with Dodou Jobe and Dr. Sedat Jobe paved the way for the first time for the people of Senegal to gain an inside knowledge into the atrocities, disappearances and human rights abuses in The Gambia.

Shocked and Saddened by the passing away of this great political figure this morning wednsday the 9th of July 2014 in Dakar, the President of the GCC Dr Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe together with all the GCC executive members wish to join the Baldeh family in Dakar together with all Gambians and Senegalese in mourning the passing away of not only a good exemplary father, grandfather and a loving husband but a great national icon whose name and virtuosness can never be burried and his absence will be felt for a very long time to come.

Honorable Buba Baldeh, died as he always lives, was not only a political genius but a national treasure to all the great people of Senegambia. GCC vows to introduce his legacy, and no matter where his final resting place may be Buba Baldeh will forever remain in our hearts.

You’ve served your people well and honored your country, you’ve gone home now to the company of those great fallen stars in the Gambian galaxy. Rest in peace for iternity and may the great Garden of Jannah be your final abode.

You will never be forgotten



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  1. May His gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace…Ameen.