Jammeh Disrespects Gambian Women

President JammehBy Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

According to President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh, he cares about Gambian women and that he  is ready to help them by all means. He also expressed his readiness to ready to die in protecting Gambian women.

Well my fellow countrymen and women, I am wondering what Mr. President understands from the words help, care and protect. From 1994 to date, Gambian women have been and are still crying for their lovely husbands who were untimely and unprepared picked up by President Jammeh’s boys to an unknown destination where they were tortured, killed or disappeared without bringing them to justice. Those who were murdered by your boys under your command Mr. President, you didn’t give any possibilities to their families to wash, pray and give a decent burial to their loved ones. Yet still you claim to care  about Gambian women. You even said you are ready to die in the process of helping and protecting them. Mr. President, what do you mean by helping and protecting Gambian women? Do you mean by helping them to shed more tears?

Gambian women are crying for the lost of their sons and daughters who were unlawfully arrested, tortured, jailed, murdered and some were force to exile. Mr. President, can you please tell me how do you help the mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers of these victims whose causes you claimed to be helping?

The great float of tears that the Gambian women are crying for their sisters, for their mothers and for their aunts who were raped by you Mr. President and your bunch of criminals. So how dare you to open your mouth and say that you care about the Gambian women, that you are ready to help Gambian women and that you are ready to die protecting them?

The great float of tears that the Gambian women are crying for abusing their civil, constitutional and democratic rights every day and night without any hesitation. Mr. President, I can hear the voices of my sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers crying bitterly of the heartless tortures, rapes their loved ones went through and are still going through while you sit and watch those evil and cruel videos laughing.  These evil and cruel videos were carried out by the boys you command.  I can hear the voices desperate Gambians crying bitterly for their loved ones who were murdered. I can hear the voices Gambians crying bitterly for their beaten, raped and humiliated loved victims of your witch hunting campaign.  Mr. President, is this is the way to reward Gambian women? Mr. President, can’t you hear those voices crying? Or you just don’t care?

My fellow country women, I am please begging you not to listen to the sweet words and promises coming out of Mr. President’s mouth. Those sweet words and promises are nothing but only a bunch of lies and a bate to trap you in his net. So be very mindful because after all President Jammeh has proven to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. PRESIDENT YAHYA A.J.J. JAMMEH IS AN EVIL!


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