Dust Settles Over Kano Caliphate

 Former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor Mallam Sanusi Lamido has finally gained access to his palace a week after he was coronated as the new Emir of Kano amid signs that the federal government has finally accepted his appointment.

Emir Sanusi was suspended from his job by the government on February 14 by President Goodluck Jonathan after a report into CBN operations indicted him for reckless spending. Since then, he has been involved in legal battles with the government and there was opposition in Abuja to him being named the new emir.

Following Emir Sanusi’s coronation, the city of Kano has witnessed protests from those opposed to him and police had to be called in to seal off the palace. However, after seven days, normality has returned to the city and yesterday a large crowd of well-wishers, royal guards and heavily armed policemen escorted the new emir to his place.

“God gives power to whom he wants and that he was not the best among the candidates but God has chosen him to lead. I enjoin Muslims to draw my attention to whatever wrong I have committed, for I know that to err is human, but to forgive is God’s,” Emir Sanusi added.

Yesterday afternoon at about 3pm the emir and his entourage moved into his palace from Government House where he had been staying since his coronation. He entered through a new gate that was erected for him in line with tradition and upon arrival, he conducted the evening Asr prayers inside the palace mosque.

Thereafter, gunshots were fired to herald the entrance of the new emir by the palace guards as a mark of honour to herald a new beginning. In his Friday sermon to the congregation, Emir Sanusi called on all Muslims to fear God in all their dealings.

He pledged to continue to exhibit a high sense of transparency, fairness and responsibility, maintaining that he would continue to treat everybody as equal. Emir Sanusi also urged Muslims to always turn to God in times of difficulties for divine intervention and resolution on such challenges.

Courtesy of www.nigerianwatch.com



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