What Messes Up Our Politics

maimunaSome Gambian men have been blamed for being responsible for “messing up our country’s politics as well as entrenching a dictatorial regime in power.

“These men have messed up our politics; they have not been firm in their decision to get rid of the dictatorial regime,” an opposition activist of the United Democratic Party (UDP) told Kairo Radio’s Talking Point.

Maimuna Ceesay-Darboe, also the Editor of Gender and Women’s Affairs at Kairo News/Radio, squarely blames Gambian men for their failure to be committed to removing the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction party (APRC)  from power. She said apart from failing to vote massively, Gambian men are in the habit of harassing their wives for lining up at election centers. “Gambian men don’t vote – only 25 percent of them vote do. Most of the voters are women but these women have often been harassed by their husbands for not cooking on time on  election day.”

Mrs. Ceesay-Darboe, formerly the President of UDP Women’s Youth and a founder member of the party, said majority of Gambian men’s failure to vote has kept President Yahya Jammeh in power for so long. “If men voted the way should, Jammeh will never get his deposit let alone win,” she stressed.

At a past political rally in Bundung, Maimuna advised women “to steal the voter’s cards of their husbands and siblings if they suspected them of being the ruling party sympathisers. If they can’t vote for the opposition, they must not be allowed to vote for the APRC,” she said, saying “of late, only men switch political allegiance from the opposition to the APRC.  Let men get out of women’s way when it comes politics because we are the victims of any bad system,” she said.

Mrs. Ceesay-Darboe was among women who were persecuted for their opposition activism. She however kudos to the likes of Tata Camara,  Sarjo Kunjang, Aja Jambanding, Mariam Denton and others for sacrificing everything,  including their lives, for their country.

“Some of these women died in the process but had never relented in their determination to change through democratic means. If these women can go to that length, then I see no reason why Gambian men should tell their wives to refrain from taking part in politics. We cannot better our live in this world and the hereafter if our country is in shambles. Sometimes I wonder what benefit strong illiterate women will reap in a new Gambia.  Clearly, I am proud of UDP women who have throughout demonstrated their bravery. When the need arises, these women will fire gun more than men.”



  1. Karamba Touray

    Karamba Touray Good articulation Maimuna. To take interest, participate and make s difference in conventional Gambian politics in the manner you do inspires us all. All of us in the UDP are proud of your tenacity and loyalty to the party and it’s foundational principles of always fighting for what is right for our country and for the values that constitute it.

  2. Lamin Sillah

    You are right sister.

  3. Alimatou Sarr

    Thank you so much Maimuna. We’ll get rid of Jallow Kanilai if we have more women like you. You’ve really inspired me.

  4. Selfish men messing up our politics. I agree with you.

  5. Femi Mahoney

    For the records, Isatou Njie Saidy, Susan Waffa Ogoo, Fatou Mass Jobe, Fatou Lamin Faye, Teneng Mba Jaiteh, just to name a few are all women. Your analysis is sexist and flawed, but nice try.

  6. she is right men are the problem in Gambia and wherever you hear vote buying is 90% of the men are the ones who sell there votes.The women you name Isatou Njie saidy, Susan waffo, Fatou mass jobe teneg mba are women that think of only themselves not the interest of Gambian women. Maimuna is the real African who cares for not only her family but every woman. she is a wonderful great woman. I wish all Gambian women can listen to her and do as she said. May god bless her.

  7. Lafia Touray la Manju

    The idea of women stealing their husband’s voters card if they suspect them of being inclined to vote for Jammeh sounds good to me . It is a strategy that should be considered by the opposition.