Rule By One Person


By Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands

The word “monarchy” literally means “rule by one.” When that sole ruler is wise and ethical, the government may run smoothly, but when that individual has flaws of character or temperament, they affect the entire nation. Monarchs typically hold their seats for life, which only adds to the intransigence of any character flaws.

A monarchy tends to serve the best interests of the monarch, not the subjects, from whom the ruler is likely too distant to fully sympathize with. When a monarch is not just distant but dangerously insane, such as President Jammeh, then it will be like from frying pan in to the fire. How can you  think of somebody who is totally insane like President Jammeh  to become our king, Hon. Abdoulie Saine? What President Jammeh is doing is totally different from what he promised us when he took power which is not the quality of a King. To be crown a King, you need to have certain qualities. President Jammeh  stood and insulted and humiliate our elderly people  in a public gatherings, radios and televisions and that is also not the quality of King Hon. Saine.

After executing the nine inmate of mile two, President Jammeh was  consulted by the President of our sister country Senegal and President Jammeh deliberately lies to President Macky Sall , that he didn’t execute them,  he was just threatening the Gambian people whiles the execution had already took place, this is not the quality of King. A minister of a state was killed in cold blood and burn in to as and nearly two decades we don’t see or hear any transparent investigation about his death. Innocent school students who supposed to be our tomorrow leaders, were brutally murdered in the daylight of 10th  and 11th  of April 2000 whiles exercising their civil, democratic and constitutional rights. The vice President Mrs. Isatou Njie Saidy  made a very unconstitutional and inhuman statements and such a statement must be condemn by and good President, but President Jammeh supported that statement. These are not the Quality of King Hon. Saine.  Religious leaders like Imam Karamo Touray, Imam Bakawsu Fofana, Imam Baba Leigh and etc were unlawfully arrested and detained under the command of President Jammeh.  A prominent journalists like Deyda Hydara and Chief Ebrima Manneh were seretly murdered under the command of President Jammeh and these are also not the quality of King Hon. Abdoulie Saine.

Citizens in a monarchy have no say in choosing their leaders. Most monarchs come to the throne via inheritance, while some – both ancient and modern – claim a “divine right” through descending from a deity or due to special grace granted by a deity. Regardless of ambitions, skills or aptitudes, the monarch is in charge of military, economic and social policies. There is warning that a young monarch-to-be has little motivation to cultivate character or education, knowing that he will be a ruler regardless. You must be selected by your people or inherit to become a King. President Jammeh was not selected by the people but through Kalashnikovs, and he cannot inherit it, because his father was never a King. Hon. Abdoulie Saine, have you ever thought of these facts I mentioned above before thinking of crowning President Jammeh as our King?


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