Africell Staff Decries Outsourcing

africelllAfricell staff have been sleepless nights over the company’s outsourcing of their colleagues to G4S. The complaint is contained in a letter sent to Kairo News Editor. Read below the letter in full:

Dear Musa,

We the Africell staff are in a very big trouble it is causing sleepless night for all of us. Africell is outsourcing its staff; cleaners were the first to be outsourced after securities followed on January 1st. They were outsourced to G4S. Now on the outsourcing queue are 153 call center and technical staff.

This is a real concern to which is why  we are calling on the authorities to investigate and take relevant action. Article’s actions are completely in contravention of the labour act of the country, as all those that have been outsourced without their consent. They were not informed in advance, some did not even get written explanation for the action. This action is completely a labour exploitation.

We are calling on state to intervene, as one of the primary responsibilities of each state is to ensure that the rights of your citizens are guarantee and respected. We believe our government will not allow foreign investors to operate in the country and keep on exploiting its citizens.

To a explain bit about their ridiculous decision is that they are currently at Kanifing Industrial Tribunal court with two staff who were both unlawfully terminated. Babou Jallow and Mbaye Bittaye and others have won their case because of their dubious attitude. They consider outsourcing the staff is the wise decision for them as they will not battle with anyone in court. Presently about 16 people are working at call center and they were employed 7 months ago. Could you imagine they were not given any contract letter and their social security was never being paid neither tax. How much is the state losing as a result of tax fraud is unimaginable. We are calling on both Social Security and GRA to investigate the matters and let them send someone who have faith and will not accept any bribe from them.

This is not the first time they were involved in tax fraud. I will take this opportunity to advise my fellow staff who are working with them against their own brothers and sisters. There’s a saying that if you grandmother is dancing with someone’s grandmother you should not crown your grandmother the winner if the dance is not finished. Who know whether at least minutes of her dance she will fall down? Al Quran said “Youmin bi youmin”.

Concerned staff


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