Kickstarter Fund-raising In Promotion Of Sewruba

The Beautiful Talented Gambian Singer Kumba Kuyateh

Donate generously toward the kickstarter project, spearheaded by Gambian singing sensation, the young and talented Kumba Kuyateh. Kickstarter project aims to raise funds in putting the ancient drumming style, Sewruba as a centre piece in a new musical recording. Sewruba is an ancient Mandingka Traditional Drumming and Dance instrument. To bring back the rhythm to life and create wider awareness of it, the Kairba band requires your generous donation. Click on their website to support them, you can pledge as much as you want on the Kickstart website below.

The group only has 21 days to raise the money in commencing recording. They have the talent pool to do the work, but requires the financial assistance to make a dream reality, support our culture and tradition.

The Kaira band is a complete band with professional musicians. Their main challenge with regards to this project and subsequent projects include financial setbacks. They need more financial muscle to put this project into reality.

“We need to pay all the associated expenses (quality studio recording, promotion, digital distribution, physical duplication of the CDs and marketing) needed to make the Sewruba dream come true and we are heavily relying on your support (by funding this project) to make it happen. If we do not reach our Kickstarter goal (100% funded), we will not receive the funds. So your support is highly needed.”

“As a fairly new concept, Sewruba in mordern Mandinka music needs some vigorous amount of marketing which incurs cost as well. Once we are successfully funded, we will need to do a great deal of marketing of the song to the world. This is also another challenge we face.” Kumba Kuyateh

We thank you for your generosity!!!

Brief History of Sewruba

A lot of West African musical instruments have been introduced to the world to represent the Madinka people. But all those instruments belong collectively to the Mandinka (Mandeng) people of West Africa in general. Rhythms help define the differences and locations of a certain subset of this larger group. The Sewruba drum uniquely identifies the Mandinka people from the Gambia. The Sewruba has more than three rhythms each with its own intro, outro, dance and song. However, the three most common rhythms are “Musuba Julo”, “Duma Julo” and “Mbarama Sendengo”. Other rhythms are normally played during special occasions like initiation ceremonies, masquerade dance etc.
The Sewruba’s three drums each play different roles during the drumming session. The taller and slimmer drum called “Belengo” leads the session. It does all the intros and all the free styles during the drumming session. It also signals and controls every dancer’s movement. The medium-sized drum called “Bere mentengo” normally serves as a backup drum and always holds the timing of the rhythm. The smaller drum called “Kutiro” serves both as a backup drum and as a base. The “Kutiro” occasionally does free style right in the middle of a dance to signal to dancers that they are either showing the right moves or that they are being respected as an important person dancing. Sewruba drummers
Why Kairba Band want to promote Sewruba:
As an inspiration of the beauty of it’s rhythm, we want to promote the Sewruba drum by recording a single that  showcases the Sewruba drum as the center piece of the song. This will serve as an identification of the Mandinka people’s cultural rhythm in the modern global musical arena. The real motive behind the promotion of Sewruba is to take it out of the cultural ceremonial functions in which it is mostly used and bring it into modern Mandinka music in order to make it more visible to the world. In doing so, people will be able to uniquely identify modern Mandinka music and quickly relate it to the Mandinka people from The Gambia. We want to do this by first recording a single which showcases the Sewruba drums unique sound and rhythm. We would like you to please back us so we can cover studio expenses, duplication, distribution and marketing. Please help us to fulfill our goal and be part of history.
Sewruba Drums: Belengo, Bere Mentengo and Kutiro


  1. Hassan Camara

    Thanks Kumba. Memory lane. Hope people support the project.

  2. Kumba is a star. Let us support the project. Sewruba is as.Gambian as domoda and super kanja.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Ooh! Makes me even prouder of my Mandingo identity and culture but I am troubled by the fact that Mandingo griots in The Gambia sing the praise of people who openly manifest disdain and hatred for everything mandinka. For that reason, I am not donating.


  4. alabarika deh

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Inning bara karamo. Afoo Manding jalolu yengo, ikaakara mandingolu jawolu jamung.


  6. etonyala manju……baarideh doni doni. Kebbakotoba na jusoo, Esabari. we are not free in our own country you see. easy does it. getting there.. But manju SEWRUBA is magic to the ears oooooo. just remember them days n sure u will donate (joking).

    morro alabarika

  7. Point of correction.

    The tallest drum is Beleng (lead drum/Solo)
    Meduim size drum is Kutiroo(The Bas)
    Smallest drum is Berementeng(rythm drum)