$2 Million Gambia-Senegal Spying Deal Exposed

General Pathe Seck: Are your hands clean?

Senegal’s former Interior Minister has been accused of not only representing President Yahya Jammeh’s interest in Senegal but also abused his power to take down any Gambian who poses threat to the Gambian leader.

General Pathe Seck, a former Senegalese Gendarmerie Commander, is believed to be very close to President Jammeh. The duo’s relationship dated back to the Sene-Gambia Confederation era in the early 80s when Mr. Seck trained Mr. Jammeh in the Confederal Army. The relationship became too close soon after the latter forced his way into power on July 22, 1994.

One source accused Pathe Seck of being a secret intelligence adviser of President Jammeh.  The sinister part of the duo’s relationship is the reported exchange of $2 million between the two. The said money, splashed by the Gambian leader, was meant for two things: defend President Jammeh’s soiled image in Senegal and monitor the activities of Gambian dissidents in the country and those who travel to Senegal  for meetings. The espionage link is believed to have included many high profile Senegalese, including top singers.

Our sources accused Pathe Seck of using his position and influence to bribe many top ranking Senegalese officials who are hostile to Jammeh. “This is why even after Maky Sall won the Presidential election two years ago, the relationship between the Gambia and Senegal remains the same,” our impeccable source said.

“All influential Senegalese officials have one way or the other benefited from the Jammeh funds to keep Senegal less aggressive towards the Jammeh Dictatorship,” Kairo News sources added. Some analysts could not comprehend why the two neighbouring countries’ relationship remains on friendly terms even after the Gambia’s illegal execution of two Senegalese citizens in August 2012.

Pathe Secke was also accused of undermining highly competent Senegalese intelligence officers who attempted to monitor Gambian spy agents’ nefarious activities in Senegal. All such files that land on  Pathe Secke’s desk are covered up.

The amount involved was a chicken change to Gambian leader during the height of his narcotic business. Our sources added that the drying of Jammeh’s narcotic business must not baffle Gambian activists in Senegal. “Jammeh is in bed with both intelligence and counter-intelligence officers within the Senegalese system,” sources alleged.

Our sources added that despite his removal as Interior Minister after he was accused of being inefficient, “Pathe Seck still has links within the security underworld of Senegal. Gambian dissidents should always be on the watch. The abduction of both Mahawa Cham and Saul Nd0w is linked to highly sinister intelligence operation. Some say, Mahawa and Saul plan to fly from Dakar to Cassamance. However, they never boarded the flight. The questions then become: who kidnapped Mawaha Cham and Saul Ndow in Senegal? Who planned the operation? Who paid the money? Was it Senegalese officers or Gambian intelligent officers who were given the green-light to follow and abduct Mahawa and Saul?”

Human rights organizations have joined the families of the abducted Gambians to pile pressure on Senegalese security to come clean on the whereabouts of Saul and Mahawa. Their questions about the motive or why the abductions took place have been left unanswered.

Also of concern to human rights activists is the capture of the alleged mastermind of March 21st foiled coup. Col. Ndure Cham was reportedly abducted in Casamance in May last year. Cham had been in the custody of Gambian security, although they kept mute over his whereabouts.

The lack of clear source or link to the abductions of Gambian dissidents have limited the powers of human rights organizations to champion their cause.

Since money can do anything in Senegal, the convincing allegation leveled against Pathe Seck must not be swept under the carpet, for it correlates with top Senegalese officials’ behaviour of paying blind eye to Jammeh’s brutal activities on Gambians in Senegal. Cassamance  trouble is still unresolved and the jigsaw is no other person than Gambian President.

These cases have made “a basket case of sinister dealings.” Our source wants Senegalese authorities to investigate Pathe Seck about his special relations with Gambian dictator and the disappearance of Gambian dissidents in Senegal.

Kairo News will continue to dig into the whereabouts of  Saul Ndow and Mahawa Cham whose families must not be left in endless tears.



  1. Mathew Jallow

    This is not news to me in particular. Even before Macky became president, I accused top Senegalese officials of corruption by Yahya Jammeh. The frequency with which senior Senegalese officials visited Yahys Jammeh was baffling. I counted four different times by different officials in the space of four months when nothing extraordinary was happening between the two countries. This scandal may deepen even further as Mr Seck is by no means alone. Yahya has paid moles throughout the Senegalese government and armed forces.

  2. The present situation in the Gambia is definitely benefiting Senegal. So being the case the government cares less. But a remainder about FARA NE JANGBAAKA story.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Siinyokubuka Siinyo karr

  4. We Gambians are useless. Why do we have to involved senegal in our struggle. Senegales faced guns, police and solders to effect change. About 14 people died in order to liberate themselves. Never have senegalese go or seek Gambian support. Change have to start within not without. External support always come when people at home rise up. The diaspora always the think the EU or senegal should figth for them. Some even think of popular uprising as if the rigeme is incapable of organising its supporters. In order to effect democratic change in the Gambia the opposition have to match yaya’s resources. Look Maky is able to win because he is wort millions of dolars. He bought 30 vehicles for the campaign and spent thousands. Gambian oppositions are financially weak

  5. Calling Gambians useless is just unfair. What Gambians are facing is 1000%the different from what the Senegalese faced.

  6. Jason Miller

    I have learned in the recent years than Gambians are tribalist and divided by tribal lines that’s is the main reason why we cannot unite.

    This is the main difference between Gambians and Senegalese. Just read the posts here.

  7. Yes indeed. Calling Gambians useless is not fair especially taking the opposition in the gambia into consideration, but judging all Senegalese because of some scrupulous and greedy Senegalese eliments would as well be unfair. There is a lot decent Senegalese whose hearts bleed for our course even more than some of Gambians. eg.the Banjul mp who wants to present the whole country to Yaya Jammeh on a silver platter.

    …and Mr. miller, in my opinion tribalism has never been an issue in The Seenegambia. For the simple fact that we are not many and we inter-marry and so broaden and lengthen our relationships. Tribalism has always been – if you like – lipservice,a means of promoting peace within the tribes. So if it should an issue today, we should start to root it before it starts grow.

    Yes. The Senegalese stood upright to safeguard their integrity from the notches of eventual dictatorship, whilst we Gambians were allover but not at the place where we should have been to save our Gambia from an unable gouvernor whose inferiority complexis has no limits calling himself names unending as if that is what makes an able president.

  8. no surprise………………. thanks suntu