‘Don’t See Only Tribal Loyalty’

Ebou Manneh: We all have a stake in Gambia's development!
Ebou Manneh (UDP Administrative Secretary): We all have a stake in Gambia’s development!

Gambians have been guided to remain loyal to their country and avoid seeing only their tribe and political affiliations.

Mr. Ebraima Manneh, the former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health and long serving UDP Administrative Secretary, said being loyal to one’s tribe and political party only ruins a country’s future. Manneh, who has been receiving medical treatment in the United States, on Saturday participated in voluntary work at Pullen Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. “I have been able to chuck off a few branches to encourage young ones that sincerity of purpose matters,” he said. “I am happy that people came with full force to weed, cut and clear trees.

“Really what is happening here today is something that has been in the Gambia since we were born,” Mr. Manneh told Kairo Radio, saying there is nothing more gratifying than seeing Gambians of different political, religious and tribal affiliations united for a purpose. Manneh said Gambians have always lived in harmony throughout. “We celebrate and mourn together as a family,” Mr. Manneh said, describing the Gambia as a small country where every citizen has a stake in the country’s development. “We can only do that when we put aside politics and tribalism. What has happened today is an epitome of being Gambian; there is no blue, green or any political colour here. That is the new spirit we can build.”

Manneh was proud to be associated with Gambians in Raleigh whose unity, industrious and resourcefulness have enticed the Mayor to declare May 17 as the Gambia Day. He hailed the participation of many Gambians in returning honour to a city that has given the Gambian community the highest recognition. Mr. Manneh said such a recognition is unique among Diaspora communities.

The man fondly called Ebou Manneh has been a strong pillar in Gambian opposition politics since 1996. He is a founding father of the main opposition United Democratic Party who helped build strong grass-roots and community base along with the likes of late Momodou Lamin Shyngle Nyassi, Kemeseng Jammeh, Dembo Bojang (Dembo Byforce), Dr Boro Suso and others. Ebou Manneh is currently undergoing medical treatment in U.S.


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