Gambia Faces Kidnapper’s Wrath

BBThe Gambia’s former Vice President has likened the Gambia’s predicament to the case of a” helpless victim” who incurs “the wrath of a kidnapper.”

Bakary Bunja Dabo told a recent concluded  People’s Progressive Party (PPP) meeting in the United States that the onus now lies on Gambians, particularly the opposition, “to figure out a way of how to rescue our country from the clutches of a murderous regime.”

He said the PPP and its members have become continuous victims of the Jammeh regime’s visceral hatred since 1994, describing it as “the height of injustice.” Dabo attributed the party members’ trauma to the high velocity of violence meted out to them by the AFPRC/APRC regimes. He said based on the onslaughts it had endured, it is a miracle that the PPP party is still alive.

He stressed the PPP’s consciousness of the challenge to join the struggle in a determined way to rescue the Gambia from the crisis. “This is the reason why there is this resolution on the part of the leadership to come up and give the party a new life, considering its following and impact on the lives of people. This is the reason why we are here. This project is coming by design or coincidence against the backdrop of the crisis back home. All Gambians know the country is in deep series of complex crisis, multiple, self-reinforcing,” Dabo said.

Dabo is proud of his ousted party’s records of setting worthy, efficient, well-organized and well-structured legal standards that hinge on the respect for internal democracy.


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