Why Jammeh Killed His Brother & Sister

jammehDetails have emerged about why Gambian President Yahya Jammeh had murdered his brother and sister.

Most Gambians could not understand why Mr. Haruna Jammeh and Mrs. Marcie (Masireh) Jammeh disappeared without trace since their arrest on July 14th, 2005. Families of the two have not set their eyes on them since they were picked up in their presence in Kanilai.

It is widely believed that Haruna and Marcie were murdered by President Jammeh’s killers, a claim Gambian leader had never denied or disputed. Gambians have since been searching for answers about their disappearance without trace but to no avail.

However, our State House revealer said it was about time that Gambians knew why the brother and sister were murdered. “Haruna Jammeh is an elder half-brother of the President. Haruna was very supportive of Yahya when he was working at Novotel. In fact, Haruna used to help Yahya with money while he was a poor gendamerie officer in Bakau Depot. He bought clothes for him when was leaving for further military training to the United States,” the revealer stated.

The revealer said Yahya and Haruna’s problem started when the latter refused to settle in Kanilai. “At the time their eldest brother was living there with the family. Haruna agreed to settle in Kanilai after Yahya’s mother Aja Asombi Bojang intervened. But Haruna would not take any of Jammeh’s nonsense and kept on constantly confronting him. Haruna kept putting on President Jammeh’s face that he must not continue to antagonize his elders,” the revealer said.

“At some point, Jammeh used to run away from Haruna accusing him of being mad. But the confrontation continued nonstop which upset Jammeh. He is the type who likes to bully people but he does not accept anyone to bully him. President Jammeh could not understand why Haruna was the only person who challenged him vigorously. He then came to a conclusion that Haruna must be killed so he would have peace of mind.”

The revealer said Jammeh was not also comfortable with Marcie who knew almost everything about him. “Marcie Jammeh was the one who talks to their dead souls, a strange knowledge in the Jola community. In that everything Jammeh does is known to Marcie.  She advised Jammeh to be careful because the gods were not happy with him for spilling the blood of innocent people. Both Marcie and Haruna were arrested and spent couple of weeks at the NIA before they were removed and killed.”

The revealer promised to come back with who coordinated the murder of Haruna and Marcie. “I will tell the Gambian public what had passed under the bridge shortly before the murder,” the revealer said.



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