Obstacles To Gambia’s Struggle

Alkali ContehA senior political activist has pinpointed what can be seen as the greatest obstacles to the struggle to liberate the Gambia from the clutches of tyranny.

“The political persecution of targeted opposition/UDP activists or supporters must stop,” Mr. Alkali Conteh writes, in reaction to the arrest and detention incommunicado of United Democratic Party activist. Since his pick up last week in Soma town, Lower River Region, Kasim Fadera’s whereabouts remain unknown to his family.

“It is a rare coincidence that all of the recent victims, with the exception of Bai Mass, are all from one political persuasion,” the Chairman of the Gambia Democratic Action Group in North Carolina writes.

Mr. Conteh does not shy away from calling spade a spade with regard to the obstacles to the Gambia’s political struggle. “But the saddest thing is the attitude of indifference on our part by looking at their plight through partisan lenses only; they are UDP supporters and therefore it is nobody’s business but UDP, more particularly Lawyer Darboe.”

He said “the dictator rightly predicted this reaction from the rest of us, including our dear opposition leaders in the country and most diaspora organizations and individual activists. Maybe some of us are counting on the capitulation of the UDP and stepping in to fill the vacuum. He (the dictator) is prepared for that too….You wait and see.”



  1. Wonder why it has to be about the UDP all the time for some people.Is Mr Conteh aware of the many other victims of this regime, who are or may not be connected to any political parties.? Why can’t all abuses be condemned for what they are without being shrouded in a political “wrapper”.

    Having claimed to be the major opposition party, with a sizeable “voice” from the people, as expressed in elections, the UDP must take the lead in defending the rights of all Gambians, especially it’s activists and stop blaming others for their inability to stop the ruling APRC from treating them like a dump of rubbish..

    Stand up for your activists and make APRC respect your rights to carry out your politics without harassment. Who is waiting for the capitulation of the UDP to fill the vacuum..? Stop this idle talk and assume your responsibilities as a “main” opposition party…

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Bax, I am sure Mr Conteh had read your comments and said to himself “ooh! it’s Bax”. In my book, that means “don’t mind him'”.

      You would say anything when it is about UDP.


  2. Bax Don’t mind them. I observed your points and I was first to forward 4 comments/criticisms but they were all deleted. Let them delete this one again!

    For second time I would reiterate again that such articles are always publish just to promote, spin, elicit or display nostalgia or apologetics on the UDP partisan agenda. = The mindset of certain power hungry elites, clique & cabal of militants.

    This cause is bigger than any individual or group of individuals, elites, cabal, clique, cronies, opposition political party, party leader, ethnic group and/or tribe .

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