Rude State House Staff Warned

tumbul and musaThe person endowed with the knowledge of the Gambia’s State House has cautioned rude staff, particularly security officers, to comport themselves within the confines of respect at all times.

The source, name withheld for security reasons, said he has been following developments at State House since the colonial era. “The fact is that State House devil does not entertain rudeness in this compound,” the source told our Banjul correspondent.  “Anyone who manifests open rudeness does not survive here. You will easily get into trouble.”

The source cited examples of former State House staff who perished for being “too rude.”

“Don’t you observe how the likes of the late Alimamo Manneh, Musa Jammeh, Tumbul Tamba and Kawsu Camara [Bombardie] ended? All these people were once proud of their rudeness,” our source said. “They manifest rudeness in how they talk, behave and even torture people.”
Our source accused Bombardie of reaching the height of rudeness before he fell from grace. “He demonstrates rudeness in everything he does in and outside State House walls. He was rude even the way he followed girls,” our source said.

“One thing is clear is that all these rude people cannot say they have not been forewarned. All of them have been personally warned to be respectful because the devil here does not accept rude people. They refused to listen until they find themselves in trouble,” our source said.  “My message to State House staff – civilian and security –  is to behave themselves well if they don’t want to incur the wrath of the compound’s devil.”


  1. I agree with the content of this story. Where are all the rude people and those who act with excessive force? Because they are drunken with power, these State House staff will never learn until the axe fall on them.

  2. The State House devil should go after Dictator Jammeh who keeps disrespecting everything Gambian.

  3. Abdoulie Janneh

    What an interesting story? Any little story is important in our struggle to defeat tyranny. Well done Team Kairo!

  4. Abdoulie darboe

    The compound accepted rude landlord who is the president but not the securities or others.I do not understand because that state house is like a brothel,full of junkies, assholes and murderers for twenty years.So lets keep the fire burning and forget those superstitions.

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Manlafi sanyang also died a sudden death. He used threaten UDP leader’s convoy with a gun.

  6. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Manlafi sanyang also died a sudden death. He once threatened UDP leader’s convoy with a gun.

  7. if the rude people die why not killer rude yaya jammeh

  8. What a nonsense. The king of rudeness still sitting high on his horse. I know a few good guys that worked at state house that also died. I personally don’t see any value to this silly article. Nothing but a fairy tale that means absolutely nothing.

  9. Spare your rod for your king of rudeness. Calling this article silly is a dishonest. Anything that is of public interest qualifies the category of news. Please Team Kairo, don’t listen to people who are only good at one thing: folding their hands and damning anything people do. What are you doing Mr. So-called Barrow?

  10. Barrow, I think you are the one who is silly here. Don’t you know it takes a while before leaders perish for a crime ordinary people get punished within a twinkle of an eye? Please next time choose your words carefully before you write.

  11. I want to ignore the fool but I could not. Barrow needs to be taken down for trying to discredit people who have spent decades serving their country selflessly. You are not even man enough to come public with your real identity.