Way Forward Of Bloody April

jammehAs this august month in our national history withers, may I join the rest of the people in the expression of mysticism, loss and melancholy not only on the tragic demise of our heroes in their bid to fight for freedom and justice but also to hail the previous writers in their efforts to commemorate or flashback us to the bitter memories of April massacre, perpetrated by the command of the state himself and the indemnity law which causes our nation to bleed profusely?

The fallen students and other patriots were “men among men,” who have demonstrated a high degree of valour and love for their nation, that no amount of word could be used to honour them for their sacrifices. However, their names and records will ever remained ringing in our hearts as tagged.  I pray that, God, the almighty make them all regret, their earthly stay in the midst of their heavenly bliss. Ameen.

According to Ralph Amson, an American scholar, “the importance of history is to compare the past and the present to predict the future” ie to make a decision.  Thus my conscience gives me that, it is high time for the Gambians to do the comparison and decision making if we are to stop the sporadic and perpetual killings of the illustrious sons and daughters of our soil by its iron hand. History tells us that Stalin was one of the notorious leaders but when the need arose, he had to ally with his oppositions to fight against a common enemy ie Hitler. We also learned that Napoleon Bonaparte was also defeated at waterloo as a result of the concerted efforts of the allied powers. Hitler annihilated himself due to unprecedented alliance of difference powers irrespective of their differences. Bagbo fell down when different political parties joined forces together against him. In as much as peace and stability is concerned, Gambians choose none violence and democratic process of change which make us greater, if we can dismantle all tribal and sectional differences. However, this will only be possible if we can surrender our individuals or groups interest for the national interest by sharing a common goal and objective that would drive us to safety, security and prosperity as did by the European powers. Furthermore, as a sovereign state, we should not dream of receiving western powers to come and salvage us from the iron hands of our dictators as they will never do it until and unless they see us in the front line, hands in hands, foot by foot, moving fast to a point of direction as spelt in our manifestos and our union literature.

Sir, nothing is so hard to part with than the position of presidency, especially to a discounted person. The case of Bouteflika of Algeria and Mugabe of Zimbawe are clear examples. Thus unless, a very strong mechanism is use to unscrew the seats on which they sits, they would hardly relinquish power to the people, who they continues to exploit. Thus all opposition parties must surrender their individual, tribal and party interest for national interest, if we are to succeed

Despite of all the blood and tears that we shed in the hand of a man, we thought was a saviour, we labour and wait for a day, when freedom and prosperity will be reborn under our bride new steps!




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