President Jammeh's House On Fire

bamo-darboeVoice of reason opines that “when one wants all, he loses all” such is manifested in President Jammeh. As human beings, we at certain stage of our lives reach moments when we are tempted to caress the notion that we can say and/or do anything and no one can do a thing about it. This is the point that we reached the stage where we either make or destroy our very existence and everything else we love and live for. Those who are blessed with rationale perceived their endowment as a gift from God. As an appreciation of their gift from God, they become more humble, kind, forgiving, caring and loving. Whereas those who believe that their endowment is innate and that their own creation often play God. These people are the ruthless, arrogant, selfish and destructive. It is sad to note that President Jammeh falls under the latter group.

President Jammeh, after ascending to power in 22 July 1994, has systematically destroyed anything good and what he perceived as a huddle for his personal gain. He started killing innocent Gambians in secrecy, and then moved on to organized ambush and now state executions. He believes no one can do a thing about it. Oh no Mr Jammeh, God has many ways in which He tests and brings His disbelievers crashing down. Did you remember the story of Pharaoh and Musa? How about Idi Amin of Uganda? Perhaps you are too busy playing God that you don’t thing of these awakening historical facts. Well, Mr President things will never be the same again for you.

For a start, all your close associates and confidantes are slipping off your grip aided and abetted by your most trusted security officers. Is that ringing any bell for you Mr President? Last week you offered a huge ransom for the head of your very own nephew and accomplice. A couple of days after your own mother survive a heart attack and is refusing to see or talk to you. Two days ago your childhood friend and ex Director of your notorious intelligence agency died mysteriously. And today a little bird has it that you have impregnated your adopted daughter. Even those who live far away from your house can feel the heat oozing from its fire. Today, if you recall, marks the 14th year you ordered for the mass killings of innocent and unarmed Gambian students. Some remain maimed by bullets of your security officers. In the light of all these Mr President how do you think that you will forever live in peace?

Even if Gambians choose to let you be, the poor souls you unlawfully plucked off will come after you and push you downhill like a rolling stone crashing disgracefully. Your end is here. You still have time to make peace with God and Gambians but like pharaoh if you opt to ignore common sense continue to wallow in evil, your end will another unpleasant one. All the ex service men and women in the diasporas who at first were silent are now speaking out. Some have even gone further to come together as an organisation to come after you. The signs are obvious and all over the place for anyone to see Mr President. The Wolof said:”it is only of sibling from the same mother who will tell you your mouth smells”.

Babucarr Darboe

Chelmsford, Essex

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