Let’s Fight For April 10/10 Heroes

Sam PhartyBy Sam Pharty

As we remember the heroes of April 10 & 11, let us also remember the injured and let us seize this moment to remember not just their souls but for what they have sacrificed their lives for – justice.

So let us put those candles up and sing songs of praises and songs of justice for them. Yes, we have the right to be angry, so let us sing those songs of war and let the drums beat for the battle of justice. Let every man that can hear me, arm him or herself with anything, be it a hatchet or a pen, and march towards the enemy like the young gallant victims of April 10 & 11 and secure justice. It has been a long time coming. Indeed it has been and when I think of that very April day, as young 4th grade pupil, the memories are still fresh and now I said to myself, that could have been me, my sister, my brother, my uncle, my aunt that was shot. Omar Barrow could have been any of us! We could have been any of those students that were shot.

More than a decade and half later, we wait for justice not just for Ebrima Barry and Brikamaba school girl but for all those beautiful young souls that have died.

These young heroes will forever be remembered in the history of not just our nation but of the entire world for their sacrifice and selflessness. It is therefore significant that we do not only have a moment of silence and prayer for them but echo and strengthen the fight for justice for which they have died for.

They think they are dead but their spirits are still with us fighting alongside all of us. They might have shaken the foundation of GAMSU but they can never break us as a union of students, they can never break the spirit that joins us together, in unison and harmony, as a nation and as people.

But no matter how long it takes, for you my dear friends who have sacrificed your life for me and for all Gambian young people, justice is coming.

I pray that God Almighty grant you all the highest place in paradise and may your souls rest in perfect and eternal peace; for noble is man who has given up his or her soul for justice, freedom and liberty for his or her people – for the Gambia, our Homeland!

God bless you and God bless The Gambia!


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