What Is Inside Jammeh's Socks?

Take Off Your Socks, Mr. President

jammehGambians have not seen President Yahya Jammeh expose his bare feet. He buries them inside socks for a reason, our State House revealer says.

“Let him prove me wrong and expose his feet to the public,” the revealer tells Kairo News Editor.

“You know I told you that this man (President Jammeh) had grown and lived in bitterness and pains. We will get to one of the reasons of the bitterness and pains today. He confided in us that until he grow up, he had not been wearing shoes – I mean President Jammeh was walking barefoot. As a result he has scars all over his feet.”

The revealer said he has worked with President Jammeh for so long but has never saw his bare foot until his daughter (Mariam Jammeh) complained of wearing a soaked pair of shoes. “Mariam was playing in the State House garden but soon rushed to her father demanding her water-soaked shoes to be changed. The President asked orderlies to bring a dry pair of shoes for her,” the revealer adds.

“He looked at Mariam for sometime before complaining about how blessed she was.  President Jammeh said unlike his daughter, he did not have such a golden opportunity when he was growing up. At this stage, the President removed his socks to prove his point. We were shocked to see President Jammeh’s scar-filled feet,” the revealer adds, explaining how they became sympathetic to the holder of our country’s highest office. “We became emotional and emphatised with him. I have to go now but get ready for more hot scoops on Oga,” the State House revealer says, denying Kairo News the opportunity to ask why President Jammeh has not gone for pedicure or manicure treatment.



  1. pbah@yahoo.com

    This is a cheap and mundane propaganda. Everywhere in the Gambia and indeed the world over, newer generations have better life, facilities than prior ones. Thirty years ago how many families in the Gambia can claim to have cell phones or phones, cars, TVs or even bicycles or even proper pairs of shoes. Yahya’s upbringing is typical of normal Gambians.Nyolongkunda nyiningkaro teejeh!!!

  2. The sad thing is, a poor man like Jammeh could not control his hunger for wealth. H ended annexing the whole Gambia. I hope he is happy now, after killing, jailing, exiling and creating uncounted problems on the back of developments that will happen anyway, due to change of time and natural progress. In fact the Gambia is way behind many African countries. Instead of Jammeh creating a free society, where intelligent people will innovate, he kills peoples spirit and take credit for everything. So much for his dufflopment.

  3. Saabudin, this ragamuffin has a smelly feet, even during the early days of the coup, he never takes off his shoes…a backward character Jammeh is.

  4. I do not understand the moral behind this so call revelation, is it a crime for one to come from an unprevilage background. I disagree with Jammehs policies and the way he conduct himself, if poor upbringing is to be blame for his atrocities then what hope will there b for Gambia, after all 95% of Gambians experience the poverty Jammed experienced during his childhood.

  5. If you don’t know about the person you will not understand how he/she behaves. This tells you why he is behaving this way. I like this story because helps us understand the devil we have at State House.

  6. Laye Bamba Cham

    Spill everything about this so-called president. Are we Gambians cursed or punished? Something is definitely wrong with us.

  7. Arafang Bojang

    Just take off your socks!

  8. The killer Jammeh is too weird.