Activists Expose Jammeh’s Cowardice

Lamin Saddam SanyangGambian activist has attributed President Yahya Jammeh’s unexplained absence at the recently concluded EU-Africa Summit in Brussels, Belgium, to his cowardice.

“Our coward leader knew he would not be able to withstand bashing from irate Gambian protesters and therefore chose to stay away,” Lamin Saddam Sanyang said, adding that the brutal and cruel dictator’s absence could not prevent Gambian activists from protesting and putting their message across. “It was one of the most successful demonstrations I have ever witnessed,” The Netherlands-based Gambian said.

“This demonstration tells the whole world that Gambians in the Diaspora are ready and determined to put our personal problems and differences aside and united in the fight against the Jammeh dictatorship,” he said. Mr. Sanyang was impressed with the caliber of demonstrators who were mainly drawn from the United States and Europe. They included Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh, a former Gambian minister turned activist.

Sanyang said it is heart-warming to see determined Gambians in Brussels ready to confront President Jammeh who exactly he is. “They want to tell him that he is a dictator, a murderer, a drug smuggler, a drug abuser, a terrorist, an arm rubber, an arm smuggler and a rebel sponsor.

“Each and every one of us was ready to fight President Jammeh physical if he dared came over but he showed his true cowardice. With all his bullshit talks, Jammeh proved to be a coward. If you come near us Mr. President, then you will know that we means business. He knew nothing could stop us from dealing with him.”

Sanyang said Gambian activists got the opportunity to get their message to the Italian delegation to the European parliament. “We spoke to the Italian delegation to the European parliament and briefly explained to them who really President Jammeh is, and what he is doing to the Gambian people and African people at large. This is necessary because Italy is one of the countries supporting President Jammeh. They were very surprise about what the monster is doing to our people and I believe they will take our massage with them to Italy.”


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