Kairo Discovers Real Yahya Jammeh

yaya and his motherFor more than 19 years, Gambians have been on a journey of fact finding mission about why their president behaves in peculiar ways. Kairo News too has been on this journey until last week when we finally cracked the nut. What our investigation has found was that our president had lived and grown with bitterness. That bitterness is following him like a nemesis.

Our State House revealer says President Jammeh’s bitterness, which started at an early age, has caused permanent scar on his heart. “Take your pen and write what I am telling you,” the indefatigable revealer tells Kairo News. “Our president is a wounded person and is not a happy person, despite holding the country’s highest office. He is bitter with everybody and everything, to say the least. Both his father and mother were absent in his childhood life. The president’s mother dumped him and left when he was barely six months old. Jammeh was left in the hands of Benedict Jammeh’s mother who breastfed him. Until they grew up, Benedict and his siblings thought they shared the same mother with President Jammeh. Aja Asombi Bojang has never been part of Jammeh’s life. And to add salt to a new injury, his father died when he started growing up.”

Our source hopes Gambians will now understand why Aja Asombi has no influence on President Jammeh. “How can you listen to your mother when you are mad with her for dumping you at infancy? The truth is that our president’s life is full of bitterness and pains. He was a loner until 1994 when he was asked to present his family since he did not have a wife or child. It was then he went after his mother who was in Cape Point at the time. Even his military colleagues at Depot did not know he has a mother.”

Our source adds that Jammeh’s bitterness is felt in his dealings with even his family members. “He accuses his family of neglecting him and leaving him in the hands of outsiders. Jammeh thinks people who should have helped him failed him. This is why he sometimes feels like taking away what he gives out to people,” the revealer adds, promising to spill more beans, including how the late Lt. Almamo Manneh was framed up and killed. “Get ready as more secrets are on the way. Your mission to inform the public with the truth is a noble one.”



  1. Ebrima C.

    He was a foster child brought up by Ben’s family up til his primary education. Moved to a village in Kiang (under one Jammeh) to complete primary school. Kujabi family in Bwiam housed him for his secondary education and then Waffa Ogo family for his high school. This man should be very proud of Gambian hospitality having brought in different household.

    Surely, he is a very bitter man. He will never be happy!!

  2. Scarlet Pimpernel

    There is a word in jola language called”BUGAAY,meaning to abscond. It’s common in their society when a married woman runs away with a lover. That’s what happened to Yaya Jammeh’s mum. He left with another guy.

  3. Ma Ebou Jobe

    Well done Kairo! You have definitely cracked the nut. Gambians now get to know this ugly man’s problem.

  4. Sirreh Jatta

    What an ungrateful man! How can you punish everyone – even those that have not offended you.

  5. Bakary Jarjue

    From the word go, we Jolas know this heartless man is not one of us.

  6. Bala Gaye

    May you guys succeed in your noble mission! You have definitely penetrated Oga.

  7. Allahu Akbar! If I were Yahya, I would be very forgiving and helpful as a way to thank Allah. He should look back where he came from. He also need to look at the being blessed with a leadership in a country where everyone is peaceful.Instead,Yahya jammeh is very ungrateful to Allah and to those who were so nice to him and his mother. Yahya is buying himself a future that maybe worse than his childhood.
    Thank you very much Kairo Team

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