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Peter Begs Jammeh To Spare The Singhatey Family

By Alhajie Kanteh

The Gambia Daily Observer recently carried a publication conveying message of goodwill and support of erstwhile Lt. Col. Peter Singhatey to the dictator Jammeh and his brutal regime. Singhatey, who is on self-imposed exile somewhere in Ireland, is coming out of the woodworks and lavishing sycophantic praises on an already crumbling dictatorship, calling it “20 years of success”.

Usual suspect Singhatey whose letter to the dictator and partner in crime dated 7th February, 2014 but conspicuously published almost two months later, raises serious questions as to its motive and intent. Like his elder brother, Edward, Peter was implicated in the brutal demise of the then Finance Minister, Ousman Korro Ceesay; the brutal torture and execution of the 11 November 1994 coups suspects as well as the psychological and physical abuse of officers and soldiers under detention at the notorious Mile 2 in the immediate aftermath of the coups.

“I have decided to send you this message early as I am personally aware of the brave and courageous decisions taken during this period 20 years ago….”, wrote Peter. But this message comes too late following the humiliation meted out to the dictator and his rogue regime by ECOWAS where he was shown the red card for failure to comply with international norms and standards. Does Peter want to suggest that the unilateral decision of the dictatorship to withdraw our country from the Commonwealth of Nations is ok with him as a British citizen? After all was it not the Commonwealth that sponsored a good part of his leadership course with the RMA Sandhurst? To suggest that the current dictatorship is anything other than an international pariah is the height of selfishness and hypocrisy.

It`s been many years since Edward Singhatey was placed on the State surveillance list and denied the right to leave the country. In fact it`s been suggested that Edwards travel documents were confiscated by agents of Jammeh. Also true is that Edward`s telephones communication is under constant tapping, wherefore his family secret is nothing other than domestic household matters of bread and butter. “Please allow me”, concludes Peter, “to humbly reiterate my sincere appreciation for the confidence and trust you have in our family and reaffirm our highest esteem and unflinching loyalty.” So the message is clear, the Singhateys want to be spared by the decadent and dying regime that would eventually eliminate anyone who could prove an evidential threat to the dictatorship.

After all was it not poverty that brought the Singhatey family to our beautiful country, where their father, a Wulli Singhatey originated from. Elder Singhatey had served in the British Army as a Platoon Sergeant and eventually passed away, under circumstances that are not the subject of this write up. But the younger Singhateys used to live with their mother in borrowed unfinished houses in Kotu and Bakau even after enrolling in the Gambia national Army. For a long time now this has been one of the worst undesirable families that has visited the corridors of power in our country. What a shame!

Those of you being offered reinstatement back into the security forces, why not, go for it! There is no better feeling than to be armed by your enemy. The fool is about to hang himself; watch and see.

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