GCC's Flexibility Is Undoubted


By Kebba Abdoulie Sanneh

In the muddy waters of the asymmetrical Gambian politics on the ground and the current appearance of different diaspora organisations with their platforms outlining their goals, strategy and calculative measures of the highest Machiavellian theories of undermining, destablising and ultimately bringing the regime of terror to its knees all indicates, our efforts, collective and secular in all aspects begin to show hope that UNITY can be achieved. The wheels of national sensitisation without excoriating one another, the loud call for our national unity on the path deep rooted in our great Gambian culture of elders to cogitate upon directions that would lead us to our freedom. We must have realised by now, that public diplomacy is a dialogue without exclusivism and to listen to sentiments and concerns related to factitious national identity coherently not related with our time.

Our leaders without a doubt are ready for the challenges ahead, evidently they are also in contact, discussing and narrowing their differences and gearing closer to a consensus ideal for the democratic and political dispensation we all want for the Gambia. The honourable Chairman of the GCC ’s canny ability to know what the struggle needs in order to rise above this turbulent sea of political uncertainty are clearly and understandably penned in the GCC platform which leaves no Gambian organisation outside, no Gambian individual marginalised. The platform indeed is the blue print which could be comprehensibly argued but not denied in its entirety.

The flexibility of the GCC  is unquestionable. In its appeal for a unified diaspora under one Umbrella, its covert and overt diplomatic approaches in reaching out to each and every Gambian Organisation is a clear testimony that the GCC, by now must have caught the attention of each and all, with a clear understanding of the complex political terrain, we, unfortunately found ourselves entangled in for 20 years. We in the GCC believes that a country like ours, needs all to facilitate changes but certainly with a leader cognisant of the political mine field within which to operate, not as an acephalous entity without a clear direction.



  1. Abdoulie darboe

    This is the truth and the right path for the liberation of the motherland!

  2. Lafia Touray la Manju

    I now see why CORDEG’s executive is jam-packed with Wollofs. It is because those who partook in the election are mainly Wollofs or Wollof assimilated(Nyu Wollofay) and they refused to elect any Mandinka in the top positions. The question now is; how was the voter register drawn? Did Mandinkas refuse to vote or not many of them were consulted? Was everything deliberately engineered to deliver the result that we are currently faced with or is it a coincidence?

    Jammeh cannot be using diatribe against the Mandinkas and yet we have people opposition who are inclined to do worst than that against the Mandinkas.