Gambians Mourn Imam’s Brother

Kairo News and Radio joins Gambians to mourn the sudden death of the senior brother of Momodou Ceesay, Chief Resident of Islamic Center Mosque in Detroit. Demba Jammeh, affectionately called Demba Kuru, died last night after a brief sickness. Demba was laid to rest today.

The native of Jarra Si-Kunda in the Lower River Region was a blood maternal brother to Imam Ceesay. He was among the first Gambian travellers to Europe. Demba, aged more than 80 years, returned home in the early 70s after working as a seaman for some years. His homecoming had become a moment of joy for all his relatives who enjoyed significant amount of his money.

“Demba came home with huge amount of money but his single biggest mission was to support his relatives,” Imam Ceesay said, recalling Demba Kuru’s keeness to “send me abroad to acquire education. My late brother invested huge amounts of money on me until I graduated. Without his efforts, I would not be who I am today. I will not achieve my educational goals either. Demba is not only a brother and financier but also my Role Model who has left his positive image on everyone who deals with him. My brother has invested all his money on his relatives. He has sponsored many of us to acquire education,” said Imam Ceesay, praying for the soul of pious and Allah-fearing Demba Kuro to rest in Eternal Peace.

Kairo News and Radio family extends heartfelt condolences to Imam Ceesay and family. “Kairo News and Radio joins the Gambian community to mourn the death of a man who gave Gambians Imam Ceesay.  We are grateful to have Sea of Knowledge in the person of Imam Ceesay within our midst,” Kairo News and Radio Editorial stated. “Only Allah will bless Demba Kuru who sponsored and motivated Imam Ceesay to acquire education.”

Messages of condolence have since been pouring on Imam Ceesay.



  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    These are the people whose generation has a strong sense of ‘badinyaa kanoo’. May Allah reward him with Jannah.


  2. We are extending heartfelt condolences to Imam Ceesay and family. We pray that Allah bless the soul of his brother.

  3. Sheikh Abba Janneh

    What a great man! The man who gave us Imam Ceesay would surely reap what he had sown.

  4. Alagie Saidykhan

    Gambians will continue to pray for a man who made Imam Ceesay who has been side by side with Gambians educating, guiding and supporting them. Ya Allah, grant Demba the highest home in Jannah.

  5. May his gentle soul rest in peace AMEEN