Madi Jobarteh, Prominent Gambia Civil Society activist!
  1. Madi Jobarteh: “Section 82”. BUT you [Madi Jobarteh] leave out Section 231(4) which says the President CAN IGNORE ADVICE ON THIS AND DO WHAT HE WANTS: “Where under any provision of this Constitution any person or authority is authorised or required to exercise any function after consultation with any other person or authority, the person or authority first referred to SHALL NOT BE REQUIRED TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE ADVICE”.

  2. Madi Jobarteh: SECTION 82: “Since January 2017, I have not heard or seen a public information from State House that stated that this section was applied. Who are the other three persons that should have been appointed by the president?” NOT just “since 2017” but “since 1994” or even “since 1965”!

  3. The issue of “consultation” and “rule of law” is NOT substantive enough for the [Justice] Minister to “RESIGN”.

  4. But … we don’t know what happened for this clearly unconscionable decision to be taken … and which individuals were involved behind the scenes. If the Minister’s brother, who is also the Norwegian paedophile’s lawyer, is involved in any way, then the Minister may indeed have to reconsider his position … but for now what we know is that neither the Minister NOR his brother have done anything wrong. There is no need  for the Minister to resign.

Dida Halake


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