Why We Oppose Morro Jawla’s Comeback

I, as a native of Sami District, CRR vehemently and wholeheartedly oppose to the idea of Morro Jawla’s comeback as the district chief of Sami. Morro was a big “enabler” of Yahya Jammeh government who (Yahya Jammeh) never appointed him as chief, but by the people of Sami through election.

Of recent, he has been frequenting Lawyer Darboe’s place pretending to be a UDP supporter. He was never a UDP supporter; but a great enemy of the UDP during his chieftaincy because in his brain, he thought Yahya Jammeh was God and eternal. Also, he persecuted and intimidated lots of local district UDP supporters and ordinary locals while as chief. There is an association of Niani/ Sami Women who invited him (Morro) to a meeting held at Lawyer Darboe’s Pipeline resident. Their plan, among other things is to restore him as the chief. We are against it!

We, the Sami people are firmly standing by our current chief. He lives at Jalakoto, next to Kunting. He is a very respectable young man, who, since his coming into chieftaincy has been and always respectful to the people of the district.

In retrospect, Morro Jawla replaced Kebba Fanta Komma, another brutal chief. Kebba Fanta Komma went to court with the late Fa- Saikou Jabbie of Lamin Koto village. The lawsuit was won by Fa-Saikou which eventually led to the removal of Kebba Fanta as chief. Soon after his removal, the IEC conducted elections through which Morro Jawla was elected and subsequently became the district chief.

Back to Morro Jawla. Here is a man who used to frequent Radio Basse insulting his fellow Mandinkas to the appeasement of Yahya Jammeh who never directed him to engage into such. He also wrongfully sent many to Jangjangbureh prisons. The people of Karantaba Tabokoto are an example. He sent few elders of Karantaba Tabokoto, including a pregnant woman in 2008 to Jangjangbureh Prisons without going through the due process of law.

I have every convictions that Morro Jawla is trying to lobby his return to chieftaincy, but first, to use the current government and perhaps Lawyer Darboe’s influence to remove the current Sami chief. I am advising Lawyer Darboe to stay away from Morro Jawla and his intention to regain his lost position.

We the natives of Sami are very much grateful to the new chief. He has never insulted us, nor wrongfully sent our people to jail.

We say a big NO to Morro Jawla’s re-appointment. He doesn’t deserve the position until Ela yawmi deen!

A Native of Sami


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  1. Sir
    if you know that you are speaking the truth then why you fear appending your real name. The person’s you accused of abuse of power aught to know who is accusing them so that they know the context of you arguments. The era of fear I think has been defeated by the coalition so we the timid ones can now have the backbone to speak loudly.