“Solution Of Gambian Crisis Depends On Macky Sall”

“Solution of Gambian Crisis Depends on Macky Sall,” Dakar Grand Serigne Says

The deputy Grand Serigne of the Senegalese capital Dakar said that the solution of the Gambia’s ongoing post-electoral crisis squarely lies on the shoulders of President Macky Sall. Abdoulaye Makhtar Diop claimed it would finally depend on the attitude of the Senegalese leader. Serigne Diop saw the Gambian crisis as “the greatest test and challenge” President Sall has ever faced since he came to power in 2012. Serigne Diop said the challenge is a combination of socio-political character and military action.

“As far as the Gambia is concerned,  all is going to depend on Macky Sall’s attitude,” Serigne Diop told Senegalese news agency APS. Diop, a former civil administrator and minister of state said “when it comes to military intervention, ECOWAS currently does not have the means. The only option available is the Senegalese one.”

President Sall’s leadership in resolving the political crisis in the Gambia is all the more necessary because “I did not take note of any official position of Guinea or of Mali, let alone of Mauritania. We are left to our fate, so it is President Macky Sall who has the cards in his hands… I hope that he will come out of this trial triumphantly.”

“Yahya Jammeh has been in power for 22 years; he has accepted his defeat in the Gambian presidential election of 1 December. He even congratulated the winner, Adama Barrow, the day after the election. A week later, he turned around questioning Mr. Barrow’s victory and  called for a new election. He cannot be allowed to decide over the fate of a whole nation,” Mr  Diop said.

The parliamentarian and the customary chief considered that “in any case, the solution will consist in following the results of the vote. We cannot find a solution outside the results of the vote,” insisted Abdoulaye Makhtar Diop, suggesting that the outcome of the crisis will be to put power in the hands of the president declared winner.


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  1. It is my humble opinion that, any military intervention whatsoever in the Gambia should be under the joint auspices of the U.N, A.U and the ECOWAS. Gambia’s soverignity as well must be restored in the efforts to restore democracy, the rule of law and a civil society in it. History should be able reveal that military interventions by a neighboring country, in the national political state of emergencies of it’s neighbours, has its cummulative effects. It is however an indisputable truth that president Macky Sall and the government of Senegal are the most important entities in launching force to get rid of these certain highjackers of a state of a country, its people and government.Such elements who have enjoyed sitting on the fence with minds set for double-nationalities and territorial patrimony, in this 21st century of the human evolution… It is my humble opinion also that, if the well disciplined Senegalese army is able to keep his side of the fence well, these criminals who have busted their secret motives of meting out terror on the smiling coast(Gambia), can be easily holed up with an ECOWAS/A.U coalition forces, including Senegal’s, on the other side of the fence, to lock up on these criminals. ECOWAS might never be having its force but I guess they can always make one availabe by its member states whenever warranted. Apparently all of those hijackers of the Gambia’s civil society politics including their boss Yaya Jammeh, are schizophrenic primitives and criminals who believe in myths and fairy tales. It is demonstrated by Yaya Jammeh and his clique that they do not depict the average Gambian’s sense of reasoning and mindset. All what happened in the Gambia is a mishap.
    God bless Grande Serign Abdoulaye Maktar Diop and all other religious leaders in the sub-region who are a source of light in their country’s democracy and civil society processes.
    May God Allah bless both countries and strenghten mutual relations between the people and governments of the two countries.