Imam’s Advice On Zakatul Fitr

imam (2)The Chief Resident Imam of Detroit Islamic Center has advised Muslims on how to give out or distribute zakatul fitr, a charity given to the poor and needy at the end of Ramadan. The message comes as Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid-ul-fitr on Wednesday.

Imam Ceesay described zakatul fitr as very important for those who can afford it. “It is recommended to give out zakatul fitr before the Eid prayer and not after. It is not counted Zakatul fitr if you give out after the Eid prayer,” Imam Ceesay said. Imam Ceesay added that this charity should be given to the poor, needy or those working for the way of Allah.

Imam Ceesay however said giving out zakatul fitr can be challenging for those in the west where you hardly see the poor and needy. In some countries, those who need help don’t accept individual. Imam Ceesay said Muslims who find themselves in such situations should send their charity to mosques. He said it is better for those Muslims to send their charity home instead of donating institutions that will transfer them to other countries. “We have the poor and needy in the Gambia who should be helped,” he said.


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