Politics Gone Mad; Did Dembo Rattle Sheriff Bojang’s Cage?

Dembo & SheriffThe Gambia’s newly initiated journalist politician has turned daggers at the National President of the opposition UDP, calling him “a ridiculous and one of the most absurd politicians.”

Dembo By Force Bojang is reported to be an uncle of Sheriff Bojang, The Gambia’s Minister of Information, Communication and Infrastructure. Sheriff is also the APRC Liaison Officer for Bakau, a traditionally opposition leaning town Dembo had won parliamentary seats.

Sheriff Bojang, the proprietor and manager of The Standard Newspaper, has lived in Bakau for over two decades. The Brikama native was responding to Dembo’s January 31st statement at an opposition rally in Bakau. He said his uncle made “a made a series of fanciful and false statements that are totally divorced from the truth.”

“I don’t think he is a politician. He is a politricksian,” Sheriff told the Daily Observer. “How can an old man like him stand on a public platform and say things that are totally untrue? First, he claimed I deceived the President by telling him that UDP in Bakau has disintegrated and that they could not even hold meetings. I am on candid camera and on record. During the Meet-The-People Tour in Bakau, I told the President that the problem of the APRC in Bakau is the APRC and not other parties. I have no clue or interest about UDP disintegration or inability to hold meetings. My interest is to reorganise the APRC in Bakau and reenergise our base. As Jesus said, ‘Let the dead bury their dead’. No one can deceive President Jammeh about Bakau, because he knows better than anyone.”

Sheriff was also irritated by claims that he was a position holding member of the UDP who helped rganise rallies in Bakau. “This man must be living in cloud cuckoo land. If not for his white hair, I will call him exactly what he is. I have never supported the UDP or voted for the UDP not to talk of organising rallies for UDP in Bakau,” he blurted, asking Dembo to provide proof of his (Sheriff’s) opposition membership.

Mr. Bojang refuted claims of being educated by none other than his mother, granddad, Amadou Samba, President Jammeh and The Gambia Government. “Maybe he (Dembo By Force) educated me in his dreams. If he and his cohorts have those wherewithals, let them educate their children and relatives. As for his claim that they, whoever they are, gave me everything that I have today, I am not even going to dignify that with a response. Only Allah gave me what I have.”

He said Dembo is a “politician who has passed his sell-by date and that he is suffering from intellectual rigor mortis.” Sheriff said his uncle’s personal attack on him clearly mean the opposition is rattled.  While Jammeh is not at ease with the renewed opposition momentum swinging across the country, Sheriff is convinced that majority of Bakau people are solidly behind President Jammeh and the APRC.  “They have given their back to that discarded politics of cheap talk and clownish sloganeering. People are now interested in the politics of development,” he further told Observer, counting Jammeh’s established projects, including the University of The Gambia.

Mr. Bojang said the President will easily dump all his opponents on their rumps but the onus now lies on Dembo to tell Bakau people what he has done for them.



  1. alhagie@yahoo.co.uk

    This boy Sheriff is the most despicable and arrogant person I have ever seen in my life. How can someone insult and attack his own uncle just to appease Jammeh? Your day is coming fast and the day you will be fired, humiliated and dump in Mile 2 is coming.

    I thought Sheriff will learn from the predicament of Sabally, but, hell no.

  2. Malang Njie

    He is a political virgin – one who does not speak his own words but those of his so-called mentors; people who disvirgin him. What did Sheriff know about politics other than talking and writing big? Jammeh brought him to hang himself, and he is doing just that. Let us wait and see how this marriage of unequals will unfold. My body die don for Sheriff Hatab. Na gari don pas water woo!

  3. Janjanbureh

    Sheriff Bojang, you are very rude and arrogant. You need to watch what you say to your elders because they are the ones who are going to stand up for you when dictator Yaya Jammeh finished with you. You need to check with Sabally, Njogu Bah, and the rest to see how they all end up. Your day is coming soon. Why is this all about because of position Sheriff? You need to careful and respect your elders regardless what token position you have. Ishallahu, you will there for few months and dictator Jammeh will kick you out.

  4. This phenomenon is not new. An iffy captain of a sinking ship will also ensure that everyone on board face the same fate , even if that entails disowning and drowning one’s own family first. It is indeed regrettable that a journalist end up maligning own family for – by all account – a cabinet position mired in chronic instability.

  5. Deyda Haidara

    Another prostitute has finally thrown his pants off. Hahaha! Another bone for Jammeh to throw in the open when he is next cornered by another blunder of his in the near future.
    The boy is finish for good, he lost his “dis and lestec” as in a mariage game.

  6. I think mr Bojang is on the journey of personal destruction. He is an idiot who will never learn. If he is smart, he should have learned from his friend Momodou Sabally who is today sitting miserably at Daily observer with daily regret. Jammeh is done with mr Bojang. A position will make him say anything. Without a doubt he will live to regrets why he even occupy this position. In his myopic mind, he failed to understand that Gambian taxpayers paid for his education.

  7. This is exactly the type of politicking that is keeping many capable people away from politics..

    I have no time for people like Sheriff Bojang, because apart from being on the other side, he is one of the many people who sanitise the image of the Jammeh regime and give it a decent face.

    But to be fair to him, if indeed a political platform was used to raise issues about his person (present and past), then he has every right to respond to what ever was said about him…

    The question, therefore, is whether Dembo Bye-Force had used his party’s platform to raise such issues against Sheriff Bojang or whether Sheriff Bojang is making up stories about Dembo Bye-Force…

    We cannot continue on this trajectory if we want meaningful changes, and shielding what is obviously wrong will not endear anyone to the watchful public..

    It is not politics gone mad; It is politics of the old era, that we hoped to bury, but which has been resuscitated into life after the transition period because it draws the crowds and possibly wins the votes … but offers nothing different, either of substance or from the status quo…

  8. Bakary Badjie

    Just leave this Sheriffo Bojang to finish himself. No one is doing that for him. Whatever he says or does should be in the public domain so history can judge him. He has long since lost his heroic title.

  9. Alimatou Sarr

    I have been too busy but have been following the platform (I agree with Bax it is a Sweet Forum). But I can’t ignore this story without commenting. I can cope with Sheriff’s bluff but not his stupidity, arrogance and rudeness. He is out of my good books. Demal fale hale bu yabateh!

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