Iman Conta On Kairo Radio Today


Kairo Radio’s Mohammed Lamin Sillah today chats with the talented Swedish-Gambian whose composed song sells over 80 million copies in Europe. Iman Conta, the chart-topping artiste is the daughter of a legendary Gambian reggae singer Demba Conta. The unschooled Niani Yona native left his homeland in search of fortune only to return a reggae hero.

In today’s chat, Iman talks about her life, her music career and how she feels like growing in an “environment that is filled with music.” She gives credits to her parents for preparing her for success to the extent of sending her overseas to further education.

Listen to the musical heritage of the Contas. Iman Conta’s Swedish mother Zannah Hulten is a PhD holder in music production who manages a world class music academy. This is the first time young but determined Iman is telling her story in detail.


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