Sam Sarr vs. Gambia’s “Boko Haram Imams”

Samsudeen Sarr Alhagie Ceesay Ebou Jobe

By Luntango Suun Gaan Gi

Sam’s piece in the Daily Observer of 26 October 2015 (reproduced below) makes me think immediately of George W Bush and Tony Blair who called anyone who disagreed with them a “terrorist”.

But let us focus on facts. Does Sam really believe that there are in The Gambia ANY “religious leaders with Boka Haram mentality aimed at politically disrupting an orderly nation in the name of Islam”??

Cleary, even from reading Sam Sarr’s own piece, the answer must be no.

The only basis for Sam Sarr’s use of the “Boko Haram mentality” abuse is, according to Sam, that some Imam’s chose to “celebrate Eid” on a different day from the rest of the nation. But Sam himself has given a perfectly “understandable” answer as to why some Imam’s chose to pray on a different day:

Simple IGNORANCE of modern technological advancement.

King Kanilai 1 & Dida Halake

Says Sam:

“ … calendars finished with astronomical accuracies … It is said to be far more accurate than the Gregorian calendar although its calculation is based on astronomical observation rather than mathematical rules”.

But, we ask Sam, how does this IGNORANCE of technological developments turn perfectly peaceful but IGNORANT respected Imams into “ half-baked rascals” with “Boko Haram mentality” – to use Sam’s derogatory epithets? If some elderly but much respected Imam’s, such as the Hydara one, chose to be “stubborn” about when to celebrate Eid, Sam himself gives as a perfectly good reason for this “stubbornness” when he writes:

In the past Gambians had understandably disagreed over the issue of whether the crescent new moon had surfaced in the dusk skyline that used to ultimately determine whether the following day will be the day of the Eid or not. But those were days when people had little or no knowledge of the availability and wide-spread usage of Solar Hejri Calendar or Shamsi Hijri Calendar (SH) throughout the world, including Saudi Arabia and literally all Islamic nations”

Please note Sam’s use of the word “understandably”.  As Sam points out, most of our village Imam’s are IGNORANT, or even sceptical, of scientific development (and they are not alone, even Einstein himself regretted the use to which his own scientific development was put).

But Sam has no wish to extend his generous “understandably” to our scientifically-ignorant “funny Imams”:

If these funny Imams are not aware of the SH calendars and don’t care to find out where the Muslim world stands on such controversies characterised by their potentials to cause national crisis, then their claims for religious freedom must be strictly censored or immediately halted”.

What Sam? Religious freedoms to be “strictly censured or immediately halted” just because

  1. a) Imams are ignorant of scientific clock-development and
  2. b) Stubbornly stick, “understandably”, to a Centuries tradition of looking for the moon in a dark cloud night sky?

Is that the basis upon which Sam Sarr would impose religious dictatorship in The Gambia? It sounds as if the “Boko Haram mindset” belongs to Sam himself! (Or it could be the “George Bush Mindset” because Sam lived in the USA for many years and was a devotee of the Crusader-President).

Sam, having declared a Fatwa against the “funny Imams”, gives an anecdote of a conversation with a “half-baked” Imam:

I remember once meeting such half-baked Imams who swore to me that dinosaurs never existed because nothing like such animals were mentioned anywhere in the Holy Quran”.

Sam, I, Luntango, was a teenager walking with an “Uncle” in Kenya’s Rift Valley Escarpment near Naivasha when I said to the Uncle that the Americans landed on the moon some five years earlier. The Uncle looked at me as if I was mad. But he wasn’t  “funny” (as in “funny nuts” that you imply), nor was he “half baked”. The fact is, he had no reason to believe that man has landed on the moon. What reason do you, Sam Sarr, have to believe that man has landed on the moon – other than the fact that the Americans have told you so and shown you some pictures? Please GOOGLE “Moon landing was faked”!

Next Sam accuses these “funny half-baked” Imams of something much more serious, hence his “Boko Haram” tag:

The Gambia cannot afford to let reckless Imams in their “Boko Haram” mindsets to derail the long-sustained peace and tranquility in the country enjoyed and appreciated by every patriotic citizen.”

My piece eulogising The Gambia’s Peace has appeared in the pages of the Daily Observer many times, and it is in my book, Freedom Essays. My group of 50 British Scouts, who had just visited Kanilai, and spent the night there courtesy of the President, were on GRTS praising The Gambia’s Peace. That was in 2005, exactly 10 years ago.

I am glad, Sam Sarr, that that PEACEFULLNESS has continued in The Gambia, thanks to the Gambian People’s PEACEFUL nature – at the forefront of which are their Imams and as I put it then “The Gambia’s PRAYERFULNESS”.

I know you were scornful of my writings then Sam Sarr because our mutual friend me!).

Finally Sam, please take it from me that there are NO “BOKO HARAM MENTALITY” individuals amongst The Gambia’s population – and certainly not amongst their Imams. I know because I know many Imams in The Gambia, including Imam Fatty and the current State House Mosque Imam – who are both in a photo blessing my newly built compound some 15 years ago.

Of course, none of these detracts from President Jammeh’s laudable wish for a “Unified Peaceful Islam”. We all want that. But one can’t see any justification or relevance for describing some Gambian Imams as having a “Boko Haram mentality”!!

Luntango Suun Gaan Gi

(aka Dida Jallow-Halake)

President Jammeh Stands For Unified Islam In GambiaVoice

Daily Observer, 25 October 2015-10-26


By Sam Sarr

I thought it is well overdue for us to look into the issue of why His Excellency President Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh will not sit by and watch pseudo religious leaders in his country proliferate any form of “Boka Haram” mentality aimed at politically disrupting an orderly nation in the name of Islam.

And the whole problem is simply about the President not entertaining a handful of political Imams demanding their right to every year defy the consensus arrived at by the members of The Gambia’s Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) for the Muslims in the country to celebrate the Eid holiday together on a single day. Whereas these rascal Imams are all over the place conducting TV interview fraught with misinformation about the Gambian’s sober leader interfering with the people’s freedom of worship, the better majority of the Gambians remain very much in appreciation of the manner His Excellency President Jammeh encourages everyone to continue accepting a single day to perform the annual Eid prayer whenever recommended by members of the country’s SIC.

This body of Islamic scholars and well-educated religious elders always speaking and acting in one voice, command great respect from the overwhelming majority of the Gambia’s Muslim community and Islamic leaders all over the nation. They have over the years since the government of President Jammeh gave them the necessary autonomy and vital support for the mobilisation and harmonisation of all Gambian Muslims together, conducted their affairs with admirable success. Except therefore in the case of some negligible half-baked defiant Imams occasionally instigated by political opponents of the regime to undermine the day to day administration or activities of the SIC, its members are but highly commendable for unifying Gambian Muslims in a healthy, tolerant and very progressive atmosphere of worship.

In the past, however, Gambians had understandably disagreed over the issue of whether the crescent new moon had surfaced in the dusk skyline that used to ultimately determine whether the following day will be the day of the Eid or not. But those were days when people had little or no knowledge of the availability and wide-spread usage of Solar Hejri Calendar or Shamsi Hijri Calendar (SH) throughout the world, including Saudi Arabia and literally all Islamic nations.

These are calendars finished with astronomical accuracies analogous to several modern discoveries that today arm us with the perfect knowledge of mapping out the orbital path of every cosmological body discovered in our Milky Way including of course the only moon in question close by. It is said to be far more accurate than the Gregorian calendar although its calculation is based on astronomical observation rather than mathematical rules.

Yes, in fact Saudi Arabia where Islam started and continues to be the epicenter of its wisdom and growth, the Imams there have ages ago done away with the unsophisticated approach of waiting for the appearance of a crescent new moon in the horizon as the sole determinant of any Muslim holiday. They depend totally on the yearly produced SH calendar with each of its twelve months corresponding with zodiac sign. The first six months have 31 days, the next five have 30 days and the last month has 29 days in normal years and 30 days in leap year.

Modern science and technology that provides us with the tools to arrive at such answers have been gifts to all of us from the Almighty Allah, to make our lives easier than things used to be for our ancestors. We are now so knowledgeable about the moon that humans know all the characteristics surrounding its existence since its formation billions of years ago. We even know that at its initial formation its distance from the earth was 14,000 miles and has since been inching away at a rate of about 1.5 inches a year, the reason why it is now positioned 238,900 miles further away from us. We are as knowledgeable about it to the extent of understanding its circumference to be 6,784 miles.

Ongoing studies about the moon has been so comprehensive that in 1967 the United States joined the Soviet Union in creating Outer Space Treaty (OST), declaring the moon a place subjected to the similar set of rules as those used to govern international waters on earth. Ninety-seven other countries have since become parties to the treaty that makes it off limits for any military purpose or for the establishment of any such basis.

The NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has for decades been monitoring and taking endless pictures of the moon coupled with the collection of critical scientific data from every angle of its revolving position including the extreme fluctuations of its surface temperature at various degrees plus, most importantly, its characteristics in relation to our planet. We can therefore predict with absolute certainty every future event affecting the moon for hundreds of years to come and even when it will have a full or partial eclipse with the sun to the exactitude of a millisecond.

Hence, Saudi Arabia, with every Islamic country in the world, except for those in the Senegambia region, whose time difference does not exceed twelve hours apart celebrate the Eid on the same day based on their SH calendars that, as I said are calculated every year to perfection.

New York City for instance celebrates the Eid on the same day as Saudi Arabia does although the two countries differ in time zone by seven to eight hours margin. Yet Gambia and Senegal with only three-hours-time difference with Saudi Arabia have the only Muslims in the region who repeatedly register their disagreement with the people over when to celebrate the annual Eid holiday because of few half-baked Imams testing their power of influence over their ignorant subjects or making an attempt to politicise the religion for cheap popularity and disruptive motives.

If these funny Imams are not aware of the SH calendars and don’t care to find out where the Muslim world stands on such controversies characterised by their potentials to cause national crisis, then their claims for religious freedom must be strictly censured or immediately halted. The Gambia cannot afford to let reckless Imams in their “Boko Haram” mindsets to derail the long-sustained peace and tranquility in the country enjoyed and appreciated by every patriotic citizen.

When the SIC announces a day, normally followed by the government’s declaration of it as public holiday, these political Imams without concern for any negative ramifications will jump in and confuse the whole public by ordering them not to respect the date if the crescent new moon was not traceable in the night sky that may be hidden behind thick layers of rain clouds or in wide veils of dust storms from the Sahara Desert. In effect, it used to compel the government to declare two days or even three for public holidays just to look politically correct. These punks will not care about the losses of national revenue both in the public and private sector as long as their instigators hail their actions as heroic challenge of the status quo.

Give these extremists an inch today and they will take a mile tomorrow if ignored.

I remember once meeting such half-baked Imams who swore to me that dinosaurs never existed because nothing like such animals were mentioned anywhere in the Holy Quran. Telling him that the existence of dinosaurs in our planet was not known to humans until in 1841, thanks to a British scientist called Richard Owen who first established their existence never helped.

These are the Imams in The Gambia who will challenge the SIC and the government for declaring Eid holidays in line with the rest of the Islamic world based on the universal SH calendar. Then when The Gambia government stands firm in support of the nationally approved organisation that works tirelessly to bring the Muslims together, these few naughty Imams start demanding their freedom to choose their preferred choice of dates whether the majority likes it or not. The Gambians are however glad that they have a strong and conscientious head of state, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhaji Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh, Babili Mansa who will not allow such misguided religious leaders to disrupt the stability of the society for no good reason.

Senegal faces the same problem, although I think there seemed to be more linked to the grand marabouts asserting their feudal control over their subjects rather than being politically naughty like we see in The Gambia. Although I heard a Senegalese national the other day grumbling about how he had wished they had a strong leader like President Jammeh in their country to put their chaotic religious organisations in order that are also affected by such pervasive disagreements among themselves.

Author: Samsudeen Sarr; New York City



  1. Really Luntango !!, all this is said by this guy called Sam Sarr. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Though I consider my self a pacifist, I think someone like this guy should be among the first to be elbowed by all means necessary. He is evil and rotten to the core. He is either mad or possessed of a congenital dishonesty trait that I have never encountered in my entire life. He is really the most horrible person to grace our landscape. Flying in face logic and everything Gambian, and still pretending to be normal. Though operating in an oppressive system created by Jammeh, compared to him, Jammeh is a saint.

  2. Modou this fool is seeking attention and he should be ignored. watch he will get axed soon. you are right he is despicable.

  3. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Sam Sarr is utterly and totally incendiary in everything he says.

  4. Sam sarr the coward. Cry baby in the army. Not man enough. One of the most selfish and idiotic Gambians .

  5. It is really sad how low some people could stoop. Trust me Mr. Sarr, you will live to regret this and many other statements of such lowly sycophancy.

  6. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    “Incendiary” is a good word Lafia. The man is nearly 70 years old and should aim to be a PEACEMAKER.

  7. Mr Sarr
    Please talk about what you know. Who told you that Saudi Arabia depends on ‘SH Calender’ to determine religious occasions. Calenders may exist, but they are used only as a guide. They do not determine in advance when a particular religious event is to be observed. Saudis still look for the crescent. Religious authorities enjoin the population to report moon sighting to the nearest court. I am sure the SIC will disagree with many assertions in your piece. Peace

  8. Jam calls Judas

    Hello Judas.. How are you my favorite man? I hope you’re well. I am still waiting for my response on when you plan on going back home. But before I go into that topic, let me ask you this; have you seen my article in the blind, deaf and dumb Observer?

    Judas: Jam, quit asking me for a cut on the millions. I told you to ask Daddy and the Swiss government. With your ugly ass Jay-five and Urkle glasses.

    Jam: Easy Judas. I didn’t say anything about the money. I asked when you plan on going back home and if you have seen my article in the local papers. You must have heard your conscience asking you about the millions.

    Judas: Oh OK. You’re right Jam. I know your conscience is torturing you as well. That’s if you have any. But to answer your question, I honestly don’t read that crap of a paper Jam. You and I both know that we are only in this pretending to love the Dear Lord and Father of our land but you know I honestly can’t stand him. In all frankness, I am getting tired of his white-gowned idiocy because I put out so many feelers out there to see if he will let me come home but I am yet to get a positive feedback. These fools in the CRPA here can’t be trusted to work on our reconciliation. They are all in this sycophancy grouping for themselves. Anyway, what was your article about?

    Jam: I am disappointed that you don’t follow my musings online Judas. That breaks my heart. As one that subscribes to the theory of the virtues of narcissism, it hurts my feelings that you of all people, refuses to follow me online. It’s my ardent desire, nay, my ultimate dream, to be the penultimate mouthpiece and opinion leader for my Father, the Dear Leader. I have written so much bad about him and said so many terrible things about him, I must do all that I can to attack any and everyone that has anything against him. The archives of Gambia L are there for posterity. If Gambians knew what they have in those archives, they will make sure to never lose the information contained within. I am sad Judas. I am sad. This appointment is not what I thought it would be. No one listens to me so I resort to writing articles in the Observer, in the hope that the fool, I mean the Dear Leader, will see my efforts and allow me to come home. I hate it here Judas. I hate this. I miss my women and and I miss my old life back home. I may not be as handsome as you Judas but let’s be honest, I am not as ugly as the Dear Leader himself and look at all the chicks he’s able to pull! Meanwhile, I am stuck here with CRPA sycophants!!!! I sleep with my Jay-five on and one eye open. From Rhode Island to Atlanta, Washington to Minneapolis, you can’t trust any of these fools running their mouths on our very popular radio and news rag. That was my idea to counteract the online warriors and look at what happened? They hijacked my idea and presented it to Daddy the STRONGEST Leader as if it was theirs. Sorry bastards.

    Anyway, this time, I thought I could cause a storm if I attacked the imams that pray Eid on different days. I am not sure what is supreme about the so called Islamic council but man I wish I could join that group. To be honest, just like you, I think they are going to hell. But while we are here, the sycophancy pageantry must be crowned on my head. If I could depose the turtle-looking Njie Saidy as chief sycophant, my dreams would have been realized. Did you see my angle about Boka Haram and those imams? I had to align those imams with that for the gullible Americans. You see, by anchoring my argument in non existent threats, it will give the impression that Daddy does not tolerate terrorist of the Islamic kind. That will endear him to the West and it will be a feather in my Jay-five. Sometimes, I can’t help but marvel at my own brilliance!!!

    Like I was saying, so I attacked the imams and called them all kinds of names. I even manufactured a phantom Senegalese guy who yearns for a strong leader like our Father. I juxtaposed the Eid prayer debacle to what obtains in Senegal and while nothing I said made any sense to me, I accomplished my mission to prey on the defenseless. I pray and hope Daddy sees that article in the observer. The sycophancy pageantry is heating up. I can’t lose to the turtle or those of you living here. Elections are coming up and that’s when Gambians awake. That uneducated and uncouth fellow at the embassy and the bespectacled ambassador are my concerns. I am not worried about you Judas; Daddy will never trust your thieving arse. I may be a liar but I am yet to be caught stealing. I know lying and stealing and greed and sycophancy and all other vices are virtues we crave for in our world but it’s an abomination if we steal from one another. You stole from Daddy!!! You could have stolen from Gambians like most do in the government and no one will bat an eye. But you stole from Daddy!!!!

    Back to my article, I dreamt of a masterful strategy. I will attack those that have no way of defending themselves online. I will extol the vices of our Daddy. I will undermine other sycophants and beat my chest at anyone that dares criticize me. I will call them cowards if I don’t know who they are. I will employ ad hominem tactics against them. Just watch me. The sycophancy pageantry is approaching and this is my moment to shine. I must win at all costs. Satan bless anyone that stands in my way. Life in this America is becoming unbearable!!!!! Jay five and glasses not withstanding, I am suffering Judas. If you would only share a cut of the millions, I could put in a good word for you with Daddy.

    Judas: Mein, kiss me where the sun don’t shine Jam. Don’t talk to me about no damned millions again. I don’t need you to facilitate my reunion with Daddy. Where were you when I changed my last name to Jaymeh? Or when I bowed down to daddy and shook his filthy hands? Where were you all this time Jam? You were busy writing useless fictionalized books and damning daddy. Now all of a sudden, the prodigal son desires to come back home by winning the sycophancy crown. Over my dead body… it’s not happening Jam. We’ve been extolling the vices of Daddy while you were busy dissing him. I am calling a meeting to discuss this!!!

    (Watch out for the meeting between Judas, Jam and their Daddy’s other children in DC. They will discuss the sycophancy pageantry and strategize on the coming elections… )

  9. Mr Ebou Gaye called him, “the missionary”, and belive me, he wasn’t far off the mark. For ever since Sam Sarr’s famous u-turn to join or rather, ” FLOW” with the Jammeh band wagon, he seems to have assumed a new “MISSION” .

    Whatever the reasons for this new role, and I’m sure many have already been advanced, the mission is clear : TO DEFEND JAMMEH AND REDICULE THOSE WHO EVEN DARE TO QUESTION HIS STYLE OF RULE..

    How long this “marriage” of convenience will last is anyone’s guess, but if history is anything to go by, then we can say with absolute certainly, that its “dissolution” will not be pretty…But that is a discussion for another day…

    I must confess that I am literally “eating my own words,” by being drawn into this forum, because I have previously advised that Mr Missionary be ignored, but my-in-law’s subjection of his latest piece in the Daily Observer (reproduced above) to scrutiny, has also reminded me of a few other things, either written or said by the missionary, that were proved to be lies..

    The first item I remembered, is his bold statement made in an article on TheGambiaenquirer soon after Jammeh’s 22nd July so called general amnesty. On that ocassion, Mr missionary boldly claimed that such a.mass pardoning of prisoners was unprecedented in recent history or was it in history all together, and even challenged anyone to dare proof him wrong..

    Those who bothered, did not have to search beyond neighbouring Senegal to proof him wrong, where former President Wade, pardoned more than 450 prisoners to mark independence day in 2011…

    One would.have thought that Mr Missionary would exercise caution when he decides to embark on any future missions to defend his master, but his zeal.of service to his master, seems to have numbed any senses of caution he.may have left in him..

    Or perhaps, he is a LIAR, as charged by his master…A charge he is yet to deny and judging by their frequency and nature, one justified to add the title, “BOLD FACED LIAR…” Bold faced because he makes bold claims in the public domain that anyone can proof as LIES, and yet he seems unfazed…Thus a BOLD FACED LIAR !!!

    In his latest mission, Mr Missionary eulogises his great master’s attempts to “encourage” ( encourage ????- more like coerce!!!) Muslims to observe “Koriteh” on the same day and caricatured the “funny little Imams”, who chose to follow tradition, and by doing so, actually exposed his ignorance of the authentic Islamic practice of moon.sighting, to commence or end Ramadan…


  10. Sayyidina Abu Hurraira (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) made a mention of the new moon and in this connection, said:-

    “Observe fast when you see it (the new moon) and break fast when you see it (the new moon of Shawwal), but when (the actual position of the month is) concealed from you (on account of cloudy sky), then count thirty days…” [Muslim]

    Numerous Hadith relating to the practice of the Sahara/Companins (RA) explicity proof that this sighting refers to LOCAL sighting of the new moon. One such Hadith is found in “Muslim..” as thus:

    “Kuraib reported that Umm Fadl, daughter of Harith, sent him (Fadl, i.e. her son) to Sayyidina Mu’awiya (RA) in Syria. I (Fadl) arrived in Syria, and did the needful for her. It was there in Syria that the month of Ramadan commenced. I saw the new moon (of Ramadan) on Friday. I then came back to Medina at the end of the month. Sayyidina Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas (RA) asked me (about the new moon of Ramadan) and said: When did you see it? I said.: We saw it on the night of Friday. He said: (Did) you see it yourself? -I said: Yes, and the people also saw it and they observed fast and Mu’awiya also observed fast, whereupon he said: But we saw it on Saturday night. So we would continue to observe fast till we complete thirty (lasts) or we see it (the new moon of Shawwal). I said: Is the sightidg of the moon by Mu’awiya not valid for you? He said: No; this is how the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) has commanded us. [Muslim]

    Imposing the moon sighting of one location on another has never been the practice of the Muslim Ummah and for very good reasons too.”

    Whilst other countries follow Saudi Arabia to mark religious feasts like the two Idh (fitr & adha), the advise from many prominent Saudi Clerics is to follow local sightings, which was the practice (Sunnah) of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the Sahaba (RA) and in line with Devine Revelation..

    (1)…Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullahibn Baz (RA) negating setting of Makkah for global sighting:

    “As for those who say that it is necessary to follow the sighting of Makkah, then let it be known to them, that there is no proof or basis for this in the Qur’aan and Hadith”.

    (Sheikh Abdullah bin Baz RA AlBa’ath ul Islaaami Zil Hijjah 1399 Hijri)

    (2)…. Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (RA) was asked about those who call for the ummah to be united in fasting and for the moon sighting to be based on its sighting in Makkah. He said:

    “This is impossible from an astronomical point of view, because the sighting of the new moon, as Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said, differs, according to the scientists who are well-versed in this field. Because it differs, then each country should have its own ruling, according to the reports and according to science.The evidence from reports is the verse in which Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “So whoever of you sights (the crescent on the first night of) the month (of Ramadan i.e. is present at his home), he must observe Sawm (fasts) that month” [al-Baqarah 2:185]”

    (3)…Shaykh Adil Salahi (ArabNews):

    “…These people are well meaning. They think that Islam is practiced in its best form in Saudi Arabia and they want to follow it. But their practice is wrong because it does not have a solid basis. If we were to extend their practice to its logical conclusion, we should offer prayers according to the timings in Saudi Arabia, rather than our own timings…..”

    Mr Missionary should know that uniting Muslims at home to observe “koriteh” on the same is good, and.may we achieve it, but the premise on.which it is based by the SIC, lacks any solid bases in Islam.

    Continued. ..

  11. Mr Missionary claimed that the calendar used in Saudi Arabia, which he said is the “Shams Hijri ” (of course not true)…

    “are finished with astronomical accuracies analogous to several modern discoveries that today arm us with the perfect knowledge of mapping out the orbital path of every cosmological body discovered in our Milky Way…..”

    According to reliable sources, including “Islammoon.Com”, Saudi Arabia, for several decades now, have been using a slightly adapted Islamic calendar called the Umm-al Qura, as its official calendar.

    Initially, it was intended for only administrative purposes because the kingdom is responsible for the administration of many Islamic events, which requires advanced predictability, but it was eventually established as the official calendar for all purposes..

    Since it was intended for administrative purposes only, it does not take the actual sighting of the moon into consideration when.dates are set, and despite the establishment of moon.sighting committees (which also rubbishes Mr Missionary ‘s claims that the scholars depend entirely on the calendar), sometimes the religious authorities allow the testimony of less experienced observers and this leads to wrong declarations of moon sightings…

    According to a review paper on Saudi Arabia moon.sightings, published on, a study of forty two reports of sighting of the Ramadan new moon, as announced by the High Judiciary Court of Saudi Arabia, between 1962 to 2001, confirms that more than half of these were too early and based on false sightings of the Lunar Crescent..The report concluded that there is strong influence of the Umm-al-Qura on the observers : prior knowledge of the supposed beginning of Ramadan.

    Mr.Missionary’s claims of scientific accuracies is about bull shot. .So too are his exaggerations on the number of countries that follow Saudi Arabia in religious observance..It not only those in.the senegambia region.that differ with Saudi Arabia…Even.countries as close to it as Turkey, do differ with Saudi Arabia..

  12. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Ha, ha, ha … Sarcasm they say is the lowest form of wit but this is seriously funny! Who is this comedian we have never heard of before? Could it be Judas himself??? Jay-five to you Bro!

  13. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Bax, my in-law, you are without any shadow of a doubt a fully fledged “Boko Haram Imam! But I appreciate that your HADITHS certainly prove Sam Sarr wrong – in that the moon should indeed be sighted LOCALLY (at least within the country). Saudi Arabia therefore should have nothing to do with Koriteh prayer day. Additionally, by Sam Sarr’s yardstick, Saudis are more BARBARIAN than our “funny imams” – Saudis slaughter humans like sheep: they have slaughtered a higher number of people this year than ISIS!!

  14. Bax this is very educational and it is self-evident you did your research. Thanks again

  15. “A fully fledged BOKO HARAM imam.?” (Hahahaha)… It’s those wannabe Mullahs at the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) who show signs of BOKO HARAM mentality…

    Doesn’t BOKO HARAM use religious text to justify political violence or undemocratic, inhuman acts or actions.?

    Isn’t that what these wannabe mullahs are doing in The Gambia: Justifying every act or action of their master, whether it contravenes the laws of the land or not..?

    Some of them are even known to advocate for the abandonment of elections and the crowning of Jammeh as king….whilst the more extremists add the killing of his opponents.. All justified of course, with religious text…

    Their perception of our women folk, and intolerance to religious difference, is no better than their perception of the opppnents of the regime (just as their Wahabi teachers in Saudi Arabia) …

    I would be embarrassed, to even as much as, hint at the derogatory sentiments Momodou Lamin Touray (SIC President and current State House Imam) made against uncircumcised women…But we all know how they want the Ahmadis to be treated…

    Trust me, these are the real lmams with the BOKO HARAM mentality and if they are left unchecked, they will light fire in the country..

  16. Some of these so called imams are in the same category as Boko haram . They used Islam to justify political violence against anyone who is perceive enemy of the regime . Imam fatty used to be the spokesperson for this terrorist organization which help the petty idiotic dictator to oppress Gambians . As for Sam Sarr , he is renowned international liar which is acknowledged by his master before his appointment . We shouldn’t expect anything different from him but just lies . I am sure if you ask him if a woman gave birth to him , he would deny , that is how serious his lying capabilities is . Sam has a new mission now up till when he fall out with his mentor or master .