Rice, Chicken Shortage To Hit Gambia


Wanterr, wanterr, Kairba Supermarket and rice imported by Tajudeen on sale at the cheap as the owner is kicked out of The Gambia. D800 for a bag of rice, chicken and other food stuff at Kairaba Supermarket are on discounted sale. A source told Kairo News that”Tajudeen opens up his ports authority warehouses and is selling everything cheap just to recover some loss before leaving the country.”

The deportation of the prominent Lebanese business tycoon and subsequent forced closure of his chain of stores is raising fears of eminent shortages of rice, chicken and other basic food in The Gambia. Business consultants describe Hussien Tajudeen as one of the best businessmen in the country. Tajudeen is counting his losses in the millions due to his alleged links with Hezbollah, a terror group in Lebanon.

One source said “Hussein Tajudeen is a victim of circumstances who is caught up in the kettle of proxy global war. Mr Tajudeen is one the most honest and reliable Gambian businessman who will spend extra making sure all his food stuff meet required standards before importing them to The Gambia. All his foods are usually not imported expired or marked with false labels unlike other businessmen.”


The source said Hussein Tajudeen is a religious man who imports only ‘Shariah-compliant livestock foods’. All the meat products imported by Tajudeen are Halal, including the stable and the highly sought after ‘chicken products’.

As of yesterday, Hussien Tajudeen opened his warehouses and is selling rice at below the cost price of D800 per bag, making a loss of D400 for each bag of rice. Banjul port is full with teaming customers rushing to buy the rice at the cheap. Mr Tajudeen is authorised to sell all his commodities within a month.

Kairaba Supermarket is also selling the item on the ‘wanterr’ at heavy discount. People are advised to buy food and stock rice before the shortage strikes the rice-loving Gambians.




  1. What Are You Talking About? RICE SHORTAGE!

    Didn’t you hear in 2016 Gambia will be exporting rice? May I remind you in SIX months we will be exporting rice all over West Africa. 2016 we will feed Senegal and Mali and by 2017 we will feed even Nigeria.

    Someone needs to give you the latest patriotic plan our dear leader is working on, in fact he is planning to build planes, cars and tractors in Kaninlai by the end of 2016. In 2020 Gambia will be a super power and compete with the USA.

    I don’t understand you People in in Diaspora, if you are patriotic you will support our Dear Leader Unconditionally, that’s all he needs to build a space program. If he has your support Gambia will be in first African Country to develop a nuclear bomb and commercial nuclear energy plus put a Gambian Astronaut on MARS by the end of 2016.

  2. And they (APRC Government, party officials and supporters) charge that the diaspora activists are responsible for Gambia’s diminishing image.

    Mr Tajudeen, even if he is on someone’s “wanted” list.as a backer of a terrorist organisation (which is debatable if it is Hisbollah ) he is a foreign investor and his treatment will not augur well for efforts to attract investors.

    Sale of rice at such a discount is probably good in the short term, but what is the long term effect, since Mr Tajudeen is a major rice importer. Time will tell.

    • Janko Camara

      Bax, I am inclined to believe that the expulsion of Tajudeen has nothing to do with his alleged dealings with and/or links to Hezbollah. On the contrary, it may have everything to do with Tajco not acceding to Yahya Jammeh’s outrageous demands as reported by another online paper (Faturadio) this morning. You see, the First Resident at No. 1 Marina Parade is nothing other than a shameless robber who does his robbery with abandoned recklessness. With all kinds of taxes that exist in The Gambia and the uncountable kick-backs that businessmen have to pay before clearing their imports at the Port, how can Yahya Jammeh ask such a business to provide him “4,000 cartons of chicken, 5000 cartons of tomatoes, 5000 twenty-litre drums of cooking oil and an additional eight million Dalasi ($200,000)” for a birthday anniversary celebration? Must one rely on people’s businesses to finance one’s birthday? Wisdom and conscience dictate that if one cannot finance one’s birthday, then one should just abandon the idea. After all, it is not a do-or-die matter. This is all part of the destruction of the Gambian economy by a single person. It is pertinent to note that, in addition to providing employment for office assistants and numerous daily labourers/wage earners, Tajudeen’s chains of businesses pay so much tax to our Tax Authority, unlike the KGI which does not contribute a farthing to our tax revenue. This is why I felt so insulted and deeply cheated when I read the Letter of Intent of the Gambia Government to the IMF blaming the country’s woes on Ebola and the “failed rainy season”. We can now vividly see how the economy continues to suffer due to the bad decisions made by a deranged president. I can tell you with absolute certainty that even the authors of that document do not believe in one single sentence in it.

      I had promised to write the Part II of my essay on the destruction of the Gambian economy. However, I am now seriously considering the wisdom in doing so because what I have in store could put some top senior civil servants in deep trouble. Therefore, whilst I have the urge to go ahead and expose this bandit parading himself as President, my conscience would not allow me write anything that would put innocent and hardworking public servants in harm’s way. It is damned sickening.

      The learning curve for me, and I believe for all well-meaning Gambians, is this: in the Third Republic, whenever it comes, we MUST put total emphasis on two things: ABSOLUTE INTEGRITY and MINIMUM QUALIFICATION as requirements to even become a presidential candidate. The problem with Yahya Jammeh is that he lacks both. Integrity does not exist in his lexicon and his idiocy and tomfoolery is in fact public knowledge.

  3. @Paul, this is my kind of being satirical, absolutely………………….This is really really funny and hurting and that makes it all very very hilarious………………., A NUKE BOMB, A SPACE PROGRAM, A COMMERCIAL NUKE ENERGY and a GAMBIAN ASTROMAUT by the end of 2016???? Wow……………It got me ROFL
    Thankyou, I believe every sound mind got some humour in it.
    Thank you too @Janko, for always making it easier to understand situation on the ground, so far so good.

  4. Paul Mendy

    Thanks Ggamp, the sad part is that there people who believe him. After countless unfulfilled promises how can he promise anything

    • Those people seriously need help because citizens must understand how and why we need a genuine election with the counts of our votes to put a democratic government in place. Guy, ‘Jammeh’ is on medications and many Gambians didn’t know.

      How about the roads Paul?? Even commercial nukes are extremely dangerous and so transportation of stuff like that requires wide stable roads if not highways………………….To say the truth, the expressed state of minds of some of my fellow citizens really frustrates me.

  5. To tell you the truth I don’t think the state of mind of some is natural

    My brother in law who is educated doesn’t think the families of the mile two nine need and or deserve their remains for a proper burial

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