Jammeh Just Landed Home, Left In Disguised Motorcade

jammehKairo News sources at the Banjul International Airport have just reported the arrival of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh in Banjul.

“President Jammeh has just landed at the Banjul International Airport,” our source said. “He has just boarded a vehicle to State House.”

President Jammeh, who was abroad while a group of former soldiers led by one Col. Lamin S. Sanneh attempted to overthrow his government, is reported to have boarded a disguised motorcade. “President Jammeh dressed in a casual dress instead of his usual white outfit; he was dressed like any normal person which makes, perhaps to fake the situation,” our source said.

Mr. Jammeh was in a hurry to leave the airport, and has therefore left without the usual guard of honour ceremony at the airport, our sources alleged. He was immediately escorted to State House in Banjul, diverting his normal route.

It was not clear whether President Jammeh flew from Chad. Hours before he landed in Banjul, President Jammeh told the BBC that he was still in charge of the country. He described the coup leader who lost his life along with two others as a “disgraced” former military commander who invaded the Gambia from the neighbouring Senegal.



  1. I am literally broken. I am sad. I am full of sorrow and I am uncontrollably sobbing with ties and sense of disillusionment at the news of this vicious and wicked monster setting foot back in the Gambia.

    But I remain hopeful!

    As for our heros and matyrs who, sadly and inevitably, lost their lives in this worthy cause, we should see and remember them as per Quran Chapter 3.169:

    “And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision.”

    It feels as if I had asked and encouraged them to take action which many of us have failed but could not have taken. They will surely be remembered well and will be joining the rank of those, in history, who have tried to remove the yoke of oppression off the back of the society.

    May they RIP.

  2. Hence the demonic murderer is now said to land back in Gambia there will be more cold-blooded murdering of some people he perceived as threats to his evil fiefdom… He will use this incident to frame & arrest more others to be detained & or killed to eliminate opponents….. Truth is the struggle WILL continue with ALL & ANY means necessary to salvage the motherland from the jaws of the kanilai idolatry Satan… The sacrificing & selfless loss of lives in pursuit of freedom for greater Gambia is symbolic with any struggle…. The kanilai devil has stuff key military installations with Cassamance rebel forces some of whom he illegally enlisted in the army, whose survival rest with him ONLY which is why he still lives on borrowed time….. It is now more so the duty of the opposition leaders to close ranks for us all including their very own families & selves to prevent more blood shed & stop the bloodthirsty kanilai murderer in his tracks….. Forward with our noble struggle….. God bless Gambia; Ameen.

  3. jatta colley

    Saul badjie will one day lived to regret the foiling of this coup go and ask Lang tumbong tamba and co at mile 2 prison for foiling the 2006 coup. One thing am sure is that Mr. Sanneh has been captured alive and later killed along with his colleagues.

  4. jatta colley

    The international community including our former colonial masters Britain doesn’t value the people of the Gambia and left us isolated. This idiot continue to oppress the Gambians and yet no real action is taken by Britain and international community to force him out and restore the Gambia back to the democratic rule. We are tired enough is enough and I am sure if Gambia is oil rich country like other African countries by now the west and the America must oust this naturally stupid President. We the people of the Gambia are betrayed by the British and the international communities

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