Jaliba Set To Thrill Gambia Gambians In UK Mega Concerts


Famous Gambian Kora maestro Jaliba Kuyateh has begun a tour of the United Kingdom, where he is expected to thrill Gambians, thanks to the efforts of UK-based Gambian Associations  such as the Gambia United Society (GUS) and Yaram Arts, a social enterprise promoting Senegambian Culture.

For the first time ever, Gambian associations and businesses in the United Kingdom have joined forces to sponsor a tour that would see Jaliba and band perform in 5 major UK cities.

There is already a high excitement level for Jaliba Fans in the UK who see the concerts as not only for fund raising but an opportunity to meet friends scattered in the British metropolitan cities.

The Gambia United Society as the name connotes was founded in July 1997 with a common value of promoting  social and cultural diversity by means of exploring history, traditions and better understanding between different ethnic minority groups.

The idea of coming together became quite important as many Gambians living in Europe felt that there was a strong need for them to be aware of the existence of each other and start communicating in a way that could be productive to every Gambian either in their country of residence or back in The Gambia-hence the formation of Societies and Associations. In the UK alone, a number of more than 5 active associations are up and running serving the life blood for most Villages and community development initiates in the Gambia. Groups with similar objectives could be traced to several European countries as well as in The United States.

The Gambian kora star has already carved a remarkable niche for himself in these parts of the world, and has contributed greatly to the promotion of Gambian culture and the development of African and Gambian music in particular. He has composed many songs conveying messages to the people on social issues and rendered services free of charge to build schools, religious and health centres.

According to the Chairman of GUS, Bakary Singhateh, whose Charity organisation is gearing up for a mega show in London on June 21st 2014, the proceeds from the venture would be used to fund the society’s Malaria project.

“We have been concerned by malaria related infant mortality rates and feel that it is necessary to seek funds from any source to supplement government efforts in limiting incidents of malaria. Gambia United Society believes that with joint efforts, we can combat this disease and save the lives of these vulnerable groups in the Gambia.

Through our humanitarian dimension, our awareness and fund raising campaigns, we hope to generate resources to fight against malaria. We welcome individuals and organizations to support us in this humanitarian project. Visit our website: www.gambiaunitedsociety.org on how to help us help others”.

Dates and Venues:
Birmingham 31/05/2014 – Mustapha Ceesay, a promoter
Glasgow        06/06/2014 – Immedi8 Money Transfer Services
Bristol           07/06/2014 – Kombo Sillah Association
Nottingham  13/06/2014 – GAMNOTTS – Gambians in Nottingham Association
Leeds            20/06/2014 – Immedi8 Money – Transfer Services
London         21/06/2014 – GUS – Gambia United Society & Hither Green Brothers.

Each member of the consortium is responsible for a designated venue and date.


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