Obituary Announcement of Saja Drammeh

Saja Drammeh courtesy of gainako
Saja Drammeh courtesy of Gainako

Mr. Haruna Darbo, the Drammeh families, and the Darbo families wish to inform friends, colleagues, and family of the sudden passing of Mr. Saja Drammeh of Bellevue, Washington, son of Hajaratou Bintou Kebbeh and Alhaji Dembo Drammeh of Diabugu Baa Sillah. Mr Saja Drammeh passed away in the Gambia on Friday evening May 9th, 2014, while he was in Gambia visiting his elderly mother.


He is survived by his wife Jainaba Darboe Drammeh and children Adama, Awa, Buba, Musa, and Aminata Drammeh.


Mr. Saja Drammeh’s wife Jainaba Darboe Drammeh has traveled to the Gambia Saturday, May 10th, 2014 for the burial and to pay her respects to the Drammeh family in Diabugu Baa Sillah, Upper River Region.


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