We Must Never Waiver Against Dictatorship

Baba Leigh Imam Ba KawsuImam Baba Muctarr Leigh calls on people “never to waiver in our stance against dictatorship and oppression of our fellow human beings.”

Imam Leigh’s powerful statement is contained in a condolence message he has dispatched to a colleague Imam  on the passing of his father.

“On behalf of my family and my Muslim Congregation in the Gambia and abroad, I write to extend my profound condolences to you and your family on the passing of your dear father Alhagie Ebrima Fofana (RIP) who answered to Allah on February 6th, 2014,” the exiled Imam of Kanifing writes to Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana.

“As stated in the Holy Quran, “To Allah we all came from and to him we shall all return”.  Allah is the creator, the grantor of life and the one who takes life away. May the great life and legacy left behind by your father be emulated by all Muslims for love of Allah and believe in equality and justice,” Imam Leigh adds, praying that Allah grants Ba Kawsu’s father Janatul Firdaus and welcome him in the company of Prophet Muhammed [PBUH].

Ba Kawsu was an Imam of Sanchaba Sulay Jobe until 2012 when he left after having gone through arbitrary arrest, detention and torture in the Gambia. He has since been living in Taslima in Southern Senegal.

Imam Leigh has taken note of the deep anger and sorrow his colleague Imam’s pain and sorrow for not being present to comfort, take care and depart with his father. He advises Imam Fofana to “take solace from Allah the Almighty and all knowing that your father was not alone but in the comfort of Allah and his messenger accompanied with his great deeds and prayers from the Muslim Ummah.”

“As colleagues and leaders of a large congregation,” Imam Leigh urges that “we remain focus and steadfast in dispensing the word of Allah and his religious message of truth, honesty, Justice and equality for all. Though we are at present driven from our land for standing up and upholding the moral principle of justice, we must never waiver in our stance against dictatorship and oppression of our fellow human beings. In fact as you and I learned in our faith and religious teachings even the Prophet Muhamad (SAW) the superior of all humans was also driven from his land when he spread the message of Allah.”

Imam Leigh, who lives in the United States, says only the world of Allah matters. He is confident of meeting Imam Fofana in the Gambia to continue the crusade against injustices. Until then I pray that Allah grant your father the highest place in Jannatul Firdaus.



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