Author: Musa Saidykhan


GCC Offers Solidarity

The Gambia Consultative Council (GCC) welcomes the formation of Committee For the Restoration of Democracy in The Gambia (CORDEG). Below is the press release issued by GCC: The GCC takes this opportunity to welcome the formation of CORDEG’s executive and to extend a gesture of goodwill and solidarity. GCC recognizes the […]


NAWEC Faces Bankruptcy

The Gambia’s National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) is sitting on the edge of bankruptcy. The company has been faced with a legacy of arrears for many years amounting to over D200 million Dalasis. Local governments shoulder the largest debt of D159 millions. Also indebted to NAWEC are Gambia Telecommunications […]


GDAG Damns Opposition Arrest

The Gambia Democratic Action Group has issued a strongly worded press release damning the arrest of more than a dozen members of the United Democratic Party. The group, headed by Mr. Alkali Conteh in North Carolina, delves into the Jammeh regime’s reckless behaviour to marginalize the opposition in the country. […]


Deyda Jr: I Want My Security Back

The son of the Gambia’s assassinated senior journalist is claiming to get back his security. Deyda Hydara Jr., an engineer in London, told the Abuja-based Economic Community of West African States Court to pile pressure on the Gambia government to allow him back in the country and guarantee his security. […]


Repeated Presidential Madness!

The firing of the Justice Minister and Chief Justice has once again renewed Gambian leader’s unending firing madness. He has left Gambians enough room to speculate on his level of sanity. Mama Singhateh and Mabel Yamao Agyemang were soon replaced by officials whose fate is in suspense. And to add […]