Wounded Jammeh Vents Anger On His Personal Guard

Gambia's military chief of staff OusmaneThe Gambia’s wounded President has started venting anger on those close to him, with his Personal Protection Officer Col. Umpa Mendy becoming the first victim.

President Yahya Jammeh on Monday ordered Mendy to be demoted from Colonel to Lance Corporal. Mendy was part of the presidential delegation booed, yelled at and holed up in Hay Adams hotel in Washington, D.C. He was not only humiliated to the maximum but also escorted to Farafenni Military Police for detention at 2nd Infantry Batallion. The Officer Commanding of Military Police 2nd Lt. Nuha Jammeh escorted Umpa to Farafenni.

He was earlier removed and reinstated. Kairo News is doing its best to know what might have prompted Umpa Mendy’s demotion and subsequent detention. Gambians have been expecting their highly demoralized leader to go berserk upon arrival in Banjul, perhaps, to massage his already bruised ego.

President Jammeh promoted Captain Landing Tamba to the rank of a Major upon arrival from the just concluded US-Africa leaders Summit hosted by President Barack Obama.


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