Solo’s Body Or Mine


Dear Honourable Minister,

Yes, Sheriff, good friend. Some 15 years ago you and I were talking over a plate of Benechin in a Bakau restaurant and you said this: “Many times have people misread Jammeh and I will not make that mistake”. That was in answer to my question “Why did Jammeh throw out the British Deputy High Commissioner [Bharat Joshua] when he is winning the election anyway?” But you were right then and Jammeh took a calculated election gamble.

But now, I think you and Jammeh have misread Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and the Gambian people – unless I am wrong and The Gambian people chose to betray Solo and Darboe.

Your BBC Focus on Africa comment “Who started it?” is uncharacteristically unthinking: it implies that it is OK to kill and jail totally peaceful demonstrators. Of course, the peaceful demonstrators may lead to an embolden population demanding a peaceful change of Govt – but that is their Constitutional right.

I am afraid, good friend, you are, to use a word you once used against me on Freedomnewspaper, in a “hapless” situation. As I rather “haplessly” see it, only one of two things will save your “hapless” Govt:
1. Darboe’s resolve buckles and he agrees to go home without Solo’s body or 2. Darboe remains in jail and/or dies and the Gambian people betray him. Looking at it dispassionately, none of these two scenarios seem likely.

It seems, I am afraid, Prof Jammeh has truly misread Darboe and Gambians this time.

On the other hand it could be just a “hapless” Luntango blabbering away! Time will tell.

Chi Jaama – and get some sleep if you can!

Dida Jallow-Halake aka Luntango Suun Gann Gi.
London, UK



  1. Dida, sheriff & other criminal mercenaries in services of the Murderous kanilai Fiefdom will all account for their collusive aid abet of the murders of innocent people; that day is almost here; the struggle is about Gambia & will never stop even with the murders of Ebrima Solo Sandeng or Lawyer Ousainou Darboe & any of us for that matter; just like others have been murdered before, all Gambians MUST be murdered to stop us….


    A devilish aid abet mercenary cum-prison officer has alleged on the Standard Newspaper in court that, journalist Alagy Abdoulie Ceesay “has escaped prison”….

    I just hope Alagy Ceesay isn’t another chief Ebrima Manneh…..

    Please do your invaluable efforts you are known of, to shed light on the issue….

    Thank you very much

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Alhagie Ceesay’s death was reported by Sidi Sanneh yesterday. And today Sheriff’s Standard Newspaper reports that Alhagie Ceesay has escaped. Very worrying and very sad indeed. Here is the story from Sidi Sanneh’s Blog:

      Thursday, April 21, 2016
      Attempted cover up of Alhagie Ceesay’s death in custody
      Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay
      This 18th April, a Facebook entry claimed that Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay was alive and has been re-admitted at the RVTH. If the Jammeh operatives are to be believed, this was Alhagie’s third hospital admission in one week.
      Monday the 11th of April was his last and final visit because he died Monday night or early Tuesday morning. At the time of admission, he was in a semi-conscious state and was “coughing blood”, according to a close relative of the deceased.
      The radio journalist was a victim of torture who endured over 200 days of custody at Mile II prisons with intermittent visits to the torture chambers of the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA).
      The fact that Alhagie was regularly tortured was public knowledge. His lawyer was aware and had tried to submit the fact in the court records but was overruled by Justice Simeon Abi who dispenses justice according to the whims of the Gambia dictator. We have reported on this young man’s case on numerous occasion to bring his plight to the attention of the Nigerian authorities (because the presiding judge in his case was a Nigerian named Simeon Abi) and the international community.
      Since we reported on our blog post of 15th April, several false stories have been planted by NIA agents and Jammeh supporters. falsely suggesting that Alhagie Ceesay re-admitted on two occasions the 13th and then again on the 18th when, according to false stories being circulated by the Jammeh regime, Alhagie climbed a window in his semi-conscious state and escaped, headed to Dakar – so goes the NIA story. In fact, we had fallen victim on one occasion when we referred to the re-admission stories which were false.
      The regime of Yaya Jammeh is on the ropes. These criminal characters have been internationally sanctioned and heavily and scathingly criticized by the United Nations Secretariat, United Nations Human Rights Commission, United States, U.K.Government, and ECOWAS and almost all of the international Human Rights Organizations for the violent manner they cracked down on the peaceful demonstrators.
      Because of the pressure being applied with insistent demands to investigate and punish those who were responsible for the death in custody of Solo Sandeng and two others, the Jammeh administration can ill-afford to have another death in custody to explain. It is for his reason that they are trying desperately to change the conversation fro death by torture to escape to Dakar.
      Since we reported Alhagie Ceesay death by torture, we are challenging the authorities or anyone for that matter to show proof that indeed Alhagie. Until such proof is provided, we stand by our story and our sources that Alhagie Ceesay had died of injuries sustained by torture at the hands of the Yankuba Badjie’s men at the National Intelligence Agency Headquarters in Banjul. There must be justice for Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay and a closure for his family and we will not rest until both objectives are achieved.

      • Since his arrest, Alhagi Ceesay is either in state custody or reported to be admitted in hospital. How can he suddenly be described by Jollof news as “Escaped Gambian journalist ” arrives” in Dakar”. Wonder how many people are part the dictators disinformation campaign. If indeed he is in Dakar, then the sate must have caused his escape to Dakar. God help the Gambia. Our troubles are just beginning to intensify, and I cannot foresee any happy ending.

  2. Short, simple but powerful.

    Thanks Mr..

  3. Thank you very much Dida, you have now indeed confirmed what I dreaded most; another comrade has fallen, murdered in cold blood but many more will carry on, until total salvage liberation of Gambia; the Murderous Kanilai Cannibal & mercenary elements can’t outdo all the patriotic Gambians; the struggle goes on…..

    The Gambia with the patriots will outlive ANY Bloodthirsty Dracula & devilish elements…..

    Long live the Gambia……

  4. Kairo News

    Another report on Kibaaro News, that Journalist Alagy Abdoulie Ceesay is indeed alive; has escaped from Edward Francis Small hospital in Banjul & arrived Dakar safely is indeed confusing from what our Luntang-Dida lifted above from a blogging site; but very HEARTENING if this turns out to be the case……

    I’m with mixed emotions. Please help shed more light, when you could….

    Thank you very much

    • Luntango Suun Gann Gi

      Pasted below is the Kibaaro story. It would indeed be very heartening if the young man is alive Bajaw. If Ceesay is safe and well, we and his family, will Inshallah, here from him soon. But amidst the confusing reports, I remain worried.


      Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay free at last
      Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay free at last

      Kibaaronews has received reliable information that Gambia’s Taranga FM general Manager, journalist Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay who was kept in detention until he fell sick and hospitalized on 11th April at the Edward Francis Teaching Hospital in Banjul, has ‘arrived’ in Senegal safe and sound.

      Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay’s escape from EFSTH where he was receiving treatment under heavy security would be a great point of concern in the security operation within the Gambia. There are mounting investigations as to who and who must have assisted Mr Ceesay to escape the jurisdictions of the Gambia.

      His escape after it was announced by the prosecutor in his case on Thursday when prison guards failed to bring him to court was internationally not believed due to the nature in which Yahya Jammeh’s regime has operated in the past. But this time to the relief of many including his family, Alagie Abdoulie Ceesay is indeed safe and sound.

      The rumour of his reported murdered in detention with the United Democratic Party member, Solo Sandeng, was later denied by the GPU who later announced that he was alive and hospitalized but denied visits by either relatives or colleagues.

      If we could reflect a little bit back as to what he was alleged to have committed, he was arrested on 2nd July 2 015 by the National Intelligence Agency after he was alleged to have privately shared a picture in which a gun was pointed toward a photograph of President Yahya Jammeh despite it had been confirmed he was not the author but that singular action has rendered him to be held ‘incommunicado’ from July 2 to July 13, then released but was again arrested on 17th July and detained at the National Intelligence Agency and denied access to a lawyer or his family.

      He appeared before the High Court on August 25 and charged with six counts of sedition under Section 52 of the Gambian Criminal Code and publication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm among the public. A crime if found guilty he could spend all his youthful life inside Africa’s hell on earth Mile 2 Central Prison. But the relief is he is freeeeeee!

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