Poison Alert For Detained UDP Leadership

UDPThis is an alert that is worth writing about. It is meant to give the world a clue of what President Yahya Jammeh’s government is capable of doing. A paranoid government or a government that is scared of everything, including its own shadows, will do anything humanely possible to maintain power.

We want the world to know that The Gambia’s Minister of Interior has opened the doors of the government’s dirty trick of pretending he didn’t know the whereabouts of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. But that is one perhaps phase one of the bloodthirsty government’s sinister plots. When that boomerang on them, the Criminal government will move to the second phase which is to poison the detained United Democratic Party leadership. This is how this government operates.

This alert should be taken seriously, taking into consideration President Jammeh’s public threats that some opposition leaders will not live to witness the December 2016 elections.

Since Jammeh took over power in July 1994, Gambians and non-Gambians have disappeared, maimed or tortured to death or in some instances, died mysteriously after release from detention. One typical example was Col. Vincent Jatta, the former Chief of Defence Staff of Gambia Armed Forces who was jailed for one year and released only to die six months later. Col. Jatta’s mysterious death was linked to a poison he had consumed in Mile 2 Prisons. He had reportedly complained of stomach complications before his death in December 2007.

Of course, this is the same regime that was accused of poisoning Musa Jammeh and Tumbul Tamba, Personal Protection Officers of President. Both men tortured and killed innocent people, including myself, to massage President Jammeh’s ego. Guess what happened? They both died mysteriously resulting from stomach complications. One presidential aide said the duo’s became sick after they ate President Jammeh’s food. “Between me and Allah, I can’t tell you what he (Jammeh) had put in the food that was meant for Tumbul and Musa. But I saw him mixing power-like substance with the food. Surprisingly, Musa and Tumbul ate the food while the President looked, which I didn’t understand,” said an aide who cannot be unveiled for security reasons.

With a history of poisoning its enemies to death, we want to signal the world that President Jammeh should be held accountable should any of the political detainees fall sick or die after release. The detained politicians were ready to take bullets for their country’s freedom, which rules out their fears of death. But what must be understood is that they have no access to their families and friends, let alone eat their food. So whatever these detainees eat or drink is provided for by the state. So the blame goes to the state if any of them is poisoned.

When all their plots have failed, the regime uses torture to satisfy its Bully Leader’s Ego.



  1. This is the greatest concern . Lawyer Darboe’s security and all those who are arrested must be safeguarded . If anything happen to them , Jammeh will face full consequences . Jammeh will continue on his blood thirsty phenomena . I do believe that Jammeh has started ethnic cleansing in The Gambia because all those who are arrested and killed majority Mandinkas . We must condemn Jammeh’s tribal Vitriol and hatred against Mandinkas . This is the fact we must acknowledge . In the aftermath of this protest , it has been reported in many places in the country that security forces are going after Mandinka speaking people and any one with UDP yellow shirt . This is very troubling . Jammeh is very paranoid who has speacial hatred against Mandinkas . We must call on our brothers and sisters in the military to stop enthic and tribal killing . Gambia is small country in which all tribes have lived for very long time and we must not allow jammeh to target Mandinkas . Top military leaders must remember that international community is watching and anyone who kill anyone must be accountable . Jammeh will be gone but Gambia will remain no matter what . This peaceful protest is not about any tribe but it is about Gambia .

  2. Please call analysis unit at national intelligence agency (NIA) at 4222225 and we demand the release of UDP leadership and all those are detained , call one Sainey Jarju and Lamin .,they are the one going through these cases . Make them famous .

  3. Sainey Jarju , Lamin and their team at national intelligence agency are currently making a case against UDP leadership and all those protesters . Please call 4222225 and demand that they release these detainees and stop fabricating stories or cook false evidences .

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